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I am so on board the liquid lipstick hype right now and cannot believe it's taken me this long to start a collection. Unfortunately my funds didn't permit me to attain an entire collection within a day, so this month I started with two that I had most wanted to try from Jeffree Star cosmetics. Obviously if I could have got Kat Von D as well, I would have, but those are going to have to wait until some kind soul brings them back from the US for me. I have been admiring the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks on Instagram for ages so after finding out I could get them delivered to the UK with free shipping from BeautyLish, that's exactly what I did. I purchased the extremely hyped (totally justified) shade Androgyny, as well as pastel purple shade Blow Pony, because, well, I adore purple lipsticks and can never have enough of 'em. It was between this and the darker shade I'm Royalty, so I think I'll have to get that next month as it may be a more wearable shade.

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks in Androgyny and Blow Pony
Let me start of by saying that the customer service I received from Beautylish was above and beyond. I originally set out to buy Androgyny and Doll parts but was disheartened to find out that they were both out of stock; the norm for Androgyny I think because it's so popular. I tweeted Beautylish to find out when they were hoping to re-stock and they emailed me back really quickly asking me what I needed. It turned out that although Androgyny was out of stock on the website, they had a couple in their office, one of which I could purchase if I wanted. I was ecstatic, and since receiving this gorgeous shade, I can see why it's so loved. The red-brown hue is the perfect match for my pale complexion and looks great paired with natural or heavy eye make-up.

A picture of Jeffree Star Androgyny and Blow Pony
I am always a bit apprehensive with liquid matte lipsticks because of how dry they are known to be, however the Jeffree Star formula is so comfortable to wear. Yes, it's a little dry - as expected with most matte lipsticks - but it doesn't crack or make the lips feel tight. What I love most about these liquid lipsticks is that I can put them on and forget about them. I even showered when I was wearing Blow Pony yesterday and it didn't budge. They definitely pass the eating and drinking test. I honestly don't know how I have coped without liquid lipsticks in my collection for this long. I need to add to my collection ASAP. 

In terms of my choices, I am glad I picked them both, but Blow Pony is definitely one to be saved for the spring, and I find I can only pull it off if my complexion is flawless, and my eyes kept simple (a lick of mascara and a small eyeliner flick if that). 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics
A picture of Jeffree Star Blow Pony swatch
A picture of Jeffree Star Androgyny swatch
What shades of Jeffree Star lipstick do you have/coveting? I'd love to add to my growing wish list!

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