End of Month Reflection // February

Lottie London Buffing Brush new 2016
2016: slow down, I just wanna get to know ya. Blimey, we're in March already? I feel like I am on a trippy fairground ride, whereby you blink and you're somewhere else; in this case another month. I am almost certain Christmas was a week ago, was it not? February flew by so quick that I can't even remember what I did, or how I was feeling. It was a weird month; parts of it felt long, but others were gone in a second. I think I spent the majority of it on copious brunch dates and playing with the new Snapchat filters - all the food, all the selfies.

I don't think I got up to much in February, apart from listening to Sia's album on repeat all day, every day. Isn't her album, like, bloody amazing? I am crushin' on those tunes like something silly right now. I sing to Cheap Thrills in the shower all the time and have conquered the whole song. That's good for me by the way as I am usually terrible with remembering song lyrics.

Oh oh, I did make some exciting plans in February with two of my friends; a little project you could say. Hopefully we actually follow through with the idea and it works out - all lips are sealed for now though. I've also had a really hectic month work wise, in which I got to interview one of my beauty inspirations, Millie Kendall (read here if you fancy it). Blog wise, I haven't posted as much as I said I would, however I am going to up my game for March (don't hold me to it) because spring time blogging is such fun and I have lots to write about.

I have felt okay these past few weeks - a few wobbly days but other than that pretty stable. Gosh, I sound like I’m always on the verge of being admitted. I tell you what I am terrified of though, and have been unnerved about in all crazy ways: my birthday. It's not for, like, another six weeks, but you know, 24 is getting on a bit - especially since I want children by the time I am 26. I know, laughable. It ain't happening. Partly because I am still single, but also because I can't afford the luxury loo roll at Tesco, let alone nappies and nipple cream. I said I'd start dating in January, still haven't quite got there. I have stuck at the gym for another month though... still not losing much weight but trying not to give up. Oh well, there's always next month - pass me the brunch menus!

How has your month been?

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