10 Things I Love About Spring

It's quite impossible to bypass the first day of spring without any recognition. Twitter was one that was particularly filled with people living in joy that the dark, somnolent winter days are behind us. Spring signals rebirth; everything seems a little brighter, enlivened by colour and fresh scents of nature. With spring comes hope; a time for new journey's and plans of summer adventures. I was born in the springtime, and it's a time I feel the most inspired, so here are 10 reasons why I am embracing the new season with utmost delight...

Fresh flowers - OK, so the above are far from fresh, however I have made a mental note to get some very soon for my windowsill in my room. Fake ones are just as good for props but there’s nothing quite like a spring bouquet of tulips now is there? I especially love country walks in the spring, taking in the fresh air and the potency of blossoming buds. Not something easily found in London, but I am heading back to the countryside for a few days. The serenity of infinite calmness; I can almost touch it.

Easter - Spring indicates Easter and there's nothing more lovely than bringing the children together over a battle of who has got the best egg. It's all very EGGxiting. Whatever Easter means to you, it's such an uplifting time and one to be enjoyed with family and friends with copious amounts of sweet treats. Oh and how could I forget to mention the four day weekend? Result. I articulate that to be permission to eat chocolate for four days straight. Who's with me?

Blue skies - Everything just looks a little bit brighter, y'know? The sun is showing its face and supplying a little more vitamin D and it's still light after work. Something so simple I find myself smiling about.

Florals - Be gone the monochrome (well, maybe not completely), and hello floral print. My wardrobe drastically changes come spring/summer. I naturally gravitate to the lighter, pastel hues and floral prints start to take over. Fun fact, this used to be me 24/7, hence the reasoning behind my blog name. I was basically a walking, talking flower until my wardrobe darkened with my soul (ha, only kiddin')

Flower crowns - Florals leads me on to these beauties. All hail the flower crown. Oh flower crown, how I have missed you. Spring basically permits us to wear flowers in our hair all day, everyday. Yup, I dig that.

Warmer Weather - I really dislike the summer, but spring is my jam. Being able to step out of the house with just a T-shirt on, or a spring duster jacket, is my idea of a great situation. No more lugging heavy coats around and wearing ten million layers to still be freezing your nips off.

My Birthday - I was born in April and this is a month where we really get into the swing of spring. If you forget the off chance of April showers, obvs. Basically, it's the month to splash out on fancy meals with friends and family and treat myself to many things.

Iced Tea - Whittard's Iced Tea to be precise. Ever since I was little I have loved iced tea and so it's something, for me, that resembles the spring season. I know you should actually drink hot drinks in warmer weather, but y'know, I can't get on board with that. No, definitely not.

Orange lipstick - MAC Morange, I'ma looking at youuu! There's something about an orange lipstick in springtime. It's probably the only bright shade I can get away with because of my hair (other than purple lipsticks, but obvs I wear them all year round anyway). I used to love bright pinks (MAC Girl About Town in particular) but pinks don't look as good now my hair has changed.

Marc Jacobs' Daisy Fragrances - I think most bloggers, or beauty enthusiasts in general,  will agree with me that these scents are the epitome of spring. Whenever I see an ad for these, I feel like I could spin around in a field of daisies without a care in the world. These also all smell incredible. I think last year's launch of Daisy Dream is my favourite.

What are your favourite things about spring?

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