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When you find the one, you find the one, oui? For me, this saying categorically applies to drugstore brands. Evidently, I’m not the richest gal, so the more affordable beauty products are a necessity for me if I want to be able to wear a different eyeshadow, or lipstick each day – and yes, they should totes create lipsticks with the days of the week on like the knickers I (and you, don't lie!) used to wear as a kid. The problem I have with the drugstore is that many products fail to tick all the boxes; I either find a product that is absolutely amazing and right up there with my favourite high end equivalent, but the packaging wears off, or I'll find a well formulated foundation that provides a great amount of coverage, but the lightest shade is too orange - it’s a real pain in the arse sometimes, isn't it? However with GOSH, there has only been one product I have used from the brand that I didn't get on with, and that was perhaps more down to mascara brush preference than anything else. So, GOSH, I applaud you. The GOSH SS16 Collection * has recently been unveiled, launching in stores from 10 February, and it's pretty much all I could have hoped for. We're talking new matte lipstick shades (the best alternative to MAC imo), dupes for the Clarins Lip Oils and a matte eyeshadow palette for all neutral blending needs...

Picture of GOSH SS16 Collection
I think one of the stand out products in this collection, for me, is the 9 Shades To Be Cool In Copenhagen Eyeshadow Palette (£10.99) because I've been needing a good variety of neutral matte shades for quite some time. The shades are cool toned - on the spectrum of brown and grey -, and considering some are very light, they're all suitably pigmented and really easy to blend. The GOSH SS16 collection also includes new matte shades of the Forever Eyeshadow Pencils (£7.49), which *OH MY* are soooo pigmented it's unreal. I have the light and dark brown shades and they are a gift sent from heaven for those days when you simply cannot be arsed to mess around with three+ separate shadows; definitely a lazy make-up lover's dream (hands up if you're with me!). I use these like I would a sharpie all over my eyes but I suggest working quickly because the formula dries in record time and doesn't smudge (I had to cleanse my hand to remove the swatches).

My other favs include the new Lip Oils (£7.49), which are formulated with the hero ingredient, sea buckthorn, as well as a blend of other super nourishing oils - not sticky at all like I expected either. They provide more hydration than a lip balm but the coloured shades (Raspberry and Sea Buckthorn pictured above) give a lovely wash of sheer colour - a great dupe for the Clarins lip oils that everyone adores. I think Sea Buckthorn (the muted orange) is going to become a staple in my routine as it's such a universal shade that goes with most everyday, natural lip colours. The Lip Oils also harmonise well with the new Velvet Touch Matte Lipstick shades (probably my favourite lipstick range in the drugstore and a great alternative to MAC), which include sweet tones of pinks and muddy browns: Matt Nougat, Matte Sweetness, Matte Smoothie (pictured above) and Matt Raisin. 

Picture of GOSH SS16 Collection
Now the fun really does start to happen with the new Lumi Drops (£7.99) because, well, who doesn't love a good strobing sesh? No friend of mine (jokes, it's totes fine if that's not your thang). I think you either love or hate liquid highlighters, but I'm certainly all for them; I find they blend easier with other liquid base products and can be used to create both a subtle glow, or more of a statement strobe. These can also be mixed in with foundation to make your base extra luminous, which I can see myself doing more so in the summer. I find the dabbing motion works best for me, ensuring that I'm not sliding my foundation as I go. 

One product that I have been using every day since it launched last year is the GOSH Primer Plus+ Hydrating Skin Perfector, so I was happy to see another addition to the line. The Illuminating Primer Plus+ Skin Perfector (£14.99) comes out a peachy pink shade, which I wasn't expecting at all, and is slightly thicker than the Hydrating version. Once warmed up on the skin, the product blends really nicely and leaves a tiny hint of colour - I am super pale and have dehydrated skin so it works wonders at colour correcting my skin while injecting a little bit of glow. I's definitely radiance boosting and diminishes dullness, that's for sure. 

Completing this stellar line-up is the Rebel Eyes Mascara (£8.99), which is probably the only product in the collection I wasn't that fussed about. This is mainly because I'm not one to get excited over mascara due to having pretty terrible lashes in the first place; no mascara can work miracles if you have a shoddy base. Saying this, despite my initial reservations I actually quite like it, which is a surprise because I am also not a fan of plastic brushes. The curved wand lifts and lengthens my lashes (it's not really volumising if that's what you're after and layering it doesn't solve this) but nonetheless, it's a nice mascara for every day. 
Picture of GOSH SS16 Collection Eyeshadow Swatches
Picture of GOSH SS16 Collection Eyeshadow Swatches
Picture of GOSH SS16 Collection Eyeshadow Swatches
Picture of GOSH SS16 Collection Lumi Drops Swatch
Picture of GOSH SS16 Collection Lip Oils Swatch

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  1. I love that eyeshadow palette, the colours are right up my street! I always forget about Gosh but their products are lovely. I'm curious about the Lumi Drops, I bought Mac ones and couldn't figure them out but think I could now! x

    Tamz |