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As a person, I am relatively impatient. I like my food cooked in less than 10 minutes; I cannot stand waiting for late people; I want to shred the pounds as soon as I step off the treadmill; and I expect skincare to have immediate effects on my skin. Of course, I am not naïve in thinking this can be achieved in every aspect, but when I was first introduced to Instant Effects* skincare, my curiosity peaked. With impatience comes skepticism, a trait that I have always had. At first instance, the claim of changing aspects of my face in just a few minutes brought out the inner cynic; how could that really work? If it does it won't on me will it? Is this seriously a thing now? The brand states that it offers a scientific range designed by skincare experts, to deliver significant, visible results, in yes, you guessed it, less than five minutes. The line-up features three hero products: Instant Lip, Instant Lash and Instant Eye. So, the questions you’re all dying to be answered: did I get Kylie Jenner lips without the intrusive surgery? Did my lashes look as long as the nose of Pinocchio? And did the bags under my eyes suitably subside? …

Instant Effects Skincare Trio
When I think of traditional lip plumpers, those sticky gloss-type products that make your lips tingle spring to mind. The Instant Lip is an innovate take on this, but without any discomfort/aggravation or tingling to be endured. Harnessing oxygen transfer technology combined with hyaluronic spheres, the product claims to increase the volume of lips by an average of 20% in two minutes, while also leaving them smooth and hydrated. I can confirm that this does work, but not in the dramatic way I was expecting. I have to warn you that the formula is incredibly glossy - like seriously glossy. Not necessarily sticky, but glossy nonetheless – so if you don’t dig that vibe then I wouldn’t recommend. Saying that, you wouldn’t really leave the house with the product on, so if you can deal with it for five minutes y’all will survive. I think the weirdest thing, for me, was the lack of tingle. It didn’t feel like it was doing anything (and those bloody 90s lip plumpers are to blame for this). But, the product was doing something. It had clearly brought the blood to the surface of my lips, making them appear deeper in colour and more full and defined (nothing drastic, but noticeable). After I felt they had reached their plumping potential, I wiped off the excess to enable lipstick application. For a night out, or for when your lips are looking a bit flat, this is an ideal product; no fuss and certainly no pain.

Instant Effects Skincare Trio; Instant Lip, Instant Eye & Instant Lash
My favourite product from the trio is the Instant Eye, because it's the product that, for me, makes the most difference. It takes a little longer to work (15 minutes) but it's noticeable. I have very pale skin so the purple rings around my eyes are the most prominent; sometimes I look like someone has taken a swing at me. As demonstrated below, you can see that my under eye area looks a lot brighter and the purple has diminished. Obviously, I don't expect any product to work miracles in 15 minutes, but I definitely see a difference here, however subtle. Hopefully with continued use it will really help that area (which, for a 23 year old, I think is pretty dire).

The one I don't really see much difference in using is the Instant Lash; maybe that's because I don't really have that good of a base to work with, who knows. I do like using this for making my eyebrows look fuller and tamed though, and it does work as a good primer for mascara, which I guess in turn elongates lashes. I wouldn't say they were fuller though.

Instant Effects Skincare Trio; Instant Lip, Instant Eye & Instant Lash
Excuse the awful face and terrible lighting, but below you can see a before (left) and after (right) shot of all three products in use. I think my lips look slightly fuller, but the most noticeable is my eyes. Would you agree? Products are priced at £25 each and can be purchased online at MyShowcase

Instant Effects Skincare Trio; Instant Lip, Instant Eye & Instant Lash Before & After

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