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Oh Valentine's Day, sweet sweet Valentine's Day - the day of ultimate bullshit. Ok, so that may be a little harsh and somewhat bitter (me, bitter?), but if there is one thing I dislike in the world, it is PDA, and VD carries it in abundance. This year, it falls on a Sunday, which is great: It falls on the day I often fail to grace the world with my presence. To take the edge off, I have scheduled an evening with Gordon and Thorntons, and by Gordon, I mean gin, obvs.

an image of Valentine's Day Chocolates from Thorntons

I get so many people saying to me that I dislike February 14th because I am nearly always single when it comes around (yes, thanks for the reminder!), but I really begrudge that way of thinking, because even if I were romantically involved with someone, I would still think the day was overrated. Plus, I really hate people telling me how I feel, it’s like they think they know my mind more than I do. The marketing side and commercial fluff of Valentine’s Day simply makes me want to vomit in my own mouth, and yes flowers and chocolates are nice, but I can buy them for myself. Also, it’s just another day for Instagram gals to show of their collective haul of gifts from their boyfriends (that they obviously provided a list for), which evidentially includes a MK watch.

an image of Valentine's Day Thorntons Continental Chocolates

When you think about it, though, being single on Valentine's Day is essentially pretty great; you learn to appreciate your own company and begin to understand that it's not all about romance. Self-love is a thing too. Granted it's not something I'd get an A* in if it were a taught subject, but y'know, positive vibes and all that jazz. Also, who wants to lie next to someone who's going to keep you up all night snoring anyway? Beauty sleep is important to me. It's also worth noting that couples have one dedicated day in the year, us singletons have the whole year to treat ourselves, and if that's not a positive thing, I don't know what is.

Whatever your plans, Thorntons has put together a really nice guide about what to do for Valentine's Day, whether you're single and ready to mingle, or suitably loved up. They've also focused on how to do it on a budget, which includes some great ideas - I was definitely tempted by creating my own Valentine's Day menu – ALL THE FOOD for one please! I think gin and chocolate is pretty budget for me though, so I’m satisfied that I’ll have a good time.

an image of Valentine's Day Thorntons Continental Chocolates

Will you be embarking on Netflix and chill eat this year? For a little post-Valentine’s treat (by the time you receive it) I am giving away a mahusive box of chocolates from the Thorntons Continental range (pictured above), because y’know, I am your pal and PAL-entines Day is totes a much better thing.

So, to conclude, happy consumer-driven and trivial interpretation of love day,

Love from, the bitter single person with no cat for comfort.

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