A Mother's Day Skin Treat // DHC Beauty Lift Range

I'm going to start off by saying that I understand that this range is not directly targeted at my age group, so if you're of a similar age and have youthful, fairly plumped skin, the DHC Beauty Lift* skincare line is probably not for you. However, bear with me. As you're well aware, it's Mother's Day on Sunday, and what better way to spoil your Mum than with a gorgeous new skincare line with rose gold packaging. I mean, come on, who doesn't love rose gold packaging?

an image of DHC beauty lift series
DHC, if you weren't aware, is a well renowned Japanese beauty brand and a brand I have loved ever since I stumbled across the DHC liquid eyeliner (it's the best I have ever tried and is a product I have stayed loyal to for years). The new Beauty Lift range hydrates, smoothes and provides skin with a 'lifted' appearance; great for those with slightly ageing skin that is losing it's elasticity (sorry Mum!).

The collection harnesses a lightweight and calming formula across four products: DHC Beauty Lift Lotion (£34), a soothing and hydrating toner to reduce the look of fine lines, while prepping the skin; DHC Beauty Lift Essence (£35), a soft serum that contains a formula of botanicals, peptides and olive oil to hydrate and fight fine lines; DHC Beauty Lift Milk (£34), a lightweight, milky-textured barrier-supporting moisturiser; and DHC Beauty Lift Cream (£41), a rich, intensive moisturising cream for overnight use. One thing I will mention about the cream is that it is very heavy, so if any area of your face is prone to breakouts (the chin for my Mum and I) then do avoid this area. It's best for those with really dehydrated skin. Although mature, dehydrated skin is the main target, the majority of the products are nice to use for the majority of skin types. However, as I previously mentioned, you're not going to see major changes (apart from being very soft) if your skin isn't ageing. I have given these to my Mum to further try out, so we shall see how she gets on.

an image of DHC beauty lift series

Do you think this range is something your Mum would like? It's sure going to help create the perfect beauty 'shelfie', that's for sure. The collection launches 1 March.

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