UK Launch // Body Fantasies Perfume Body Sprays

THIS IS NOT A DRILL; BODY FANTASIES IS COMING TO THE UK. Yup, you heard right - in February the cult American body spray brand will be heading to a Superdrug store near you, and they're pretty great. The brand will be launching initially with four sprays: Pink Grapefruit Fantasy, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy and Twilight Mist, each priced at £3.99* - but which one is the best?...

Body Fantasies launches in the UK
Body Fantasies uses a higher concentration of designer quality fragrance oils that not only smell great, but they also last longer on the skin - ideal for every day where you don't want to use an expensive perfume. These very much remind me of the Victoria Secret Body Sprays too, but at a great affordable price point and much more readily available. Each bottle is 94ml and commits to over 500 sprays, so each one is going to last you a good amount of time, and what's also fab is that they fit nicely in your bag and are not at all heavy. Obviously the scent longevity isn't going to be incredible, but they last most of the morning before you need to re-spray.
A picture of Body Fantasies Perfume Body Sprays

So what do they smell like? well, Pink Grapefruit is definitely my favourite and the one I have continued to use since receiving the four bottles. The fragrance opens with rather refreshing notes of pink grapefruit and pomegranate before leading to a heart of subtle florals and a dry down of white musk and vanilla. If you love citrus and slightly sweeter scents, this is the one; a great choice for summer too. My second favourite (because I am such a sweet and fruity gal) is the Pink Vanilla, which blends together notes of peach, berries, soft florals, woods and musk. For when I am feeling a little more 'grown up' so to say, or going out in the evening, the Twilight Mist is the one I reach for. It comprises core notes of mandarin and magnolia, blended with the luxury woody scent of sandalwood. My least favourite, but one my housemate will enjoy, is the Japanese Cherry Blossom, offering an oriental accord with notes of cherry, rose and amber. If you like oriental floral scents then you will adore it. The brand in the US has so many other lush sounding scents, I really hope the range gets expanded over here in time - there is a cotton candy one I am eyeing up!

Which one sounds like your body spray bff?

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