That January Post // An Alternative Reflection

With a new year comes many posts about reflections, goals and resolutions, as well as people flocking towards me wishing me a happy new year, shortly followed by the question I dread the most: have you made any New Year's resolutions? I know people mean well, and I don't hesitate in taking their well wishes on board dressed with a smile, but my answer will always be the same when it comes to resolutions - no, no I haven't...

Resolutions and I don't bode well, simply because I get frustrated when I don't follow through. I put enough pressure on myself as it is that I don't need an annual reminder of the things I haven't yet achieved; those that I had written down in my *brand new, aesthetically pleasing journal* to eventually tick off. It may be deemed negative, but I cannot help put compare myself to others, and that's what will happen if I set myself certain things to aim towards; I'll collapse in a state of self-pity while ultimately getting through a litre of gin (not all bad!). I'd rather take each day as it comes without the pressure. I'm not a complete negative Nancy though, as each year I do ever so slightly reflect on the previous - good and bad - and set myself little reminders of what I am capable of achieving in the forthcoming months. I do find myself enduring a burst of energy come January though, whereby I become really creative and brimming with ideas, especially for the blog - so we shall see how that goes. I am one of those people that can picture so many things in their head of how they want things to pan out, or how I want blog posts to look so that's a good place as any to start. Of course there is also my plan to exercise a bit more, eat a bit less rubbish (accompanied by major cheese withdrawal), take care of my mental wellbeing, progress in my career and save to get out of debt. I also task myself to think more positively (yes, it can be done so don't fall off your chair in a fit of disbelief), to help my mental demons fade a little more, as well as smile more frequently. I suppose you could say they were resolutions in a way, but I don't think of them as that to ensure I avoid the build up of stress, anxiety and self loathing when I fail. I do mean this all lightheartedly y'know, I just wonder whether anyone else feels the same?

Blogging wise, I constantly have things on my goals list; improve my photography, post more frequently, add a bit more personality and shoot more outfits, to name a few. I also want to save for a new camera so I can launch the YouTube channel I've been saying I'd do for the last 10 months (see, I am just rubbish). And OK, I'll let you in on a little secret, and it's not a 'resolution' per se, but I'd like to work on my confidence issues surrounding dating, because although being an old lady alone with 800 cats is a fine life choice, it's good to aim higher! I know, I know AS IF that's going to happen.

To conclude, 2015 wasn't too shabby, but I aim to make 2016 better.

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