I'm going to make you blush // Five Blushers for Pale Skin

I have made a pledge this year, and that is to up my blusher game. Is there a beauty product you're not that fussed about? For me, blusher has never been the primary product in my beauty stash, however lately I've started to see the attraction to it. I have very pink-toned skin and find that I go red fairly easily - it only takes running up the stairs and bam! I'm a tomato. That probably says more about my fitness levels than anything else, but in the past I've just found that my natural blush is too overpowering. Growing up, most of my friends were using bright pink hues (remember those little Bourjois blush pots?), and I certainly didn't need that! As I got older and evidently got more into make-up, I relished in the plethora of blush shades amidst the drugstore isles and began to understand that I wasn't limited to fluorescent pink; there were tones out there for the pale, tomato-hued complexion after all. I've also found the right way to perfect my base enough to cover the natural redness of my skin, and adding colour back on top is now ever so pretty and something I don't look right without. I do have a few blushers in my collection, however there isn’t an excessive amount. I do have five below that I find myself returning to, depending on what I am doing and where I'm going - and I am definitely a dusky pink kinda girl (despite also loving berry tones in the colder months)…

Five Blushers for Pale Skin
001: theBalm Frat Boy Blush (£13.95) - This was a donation from my housemate after me moaning about how much I wanted to try the brand. This is the only product I have from theBalm (I know, this needs rectifying!), but I adore it. Not only is the colour a lovely dusky peachy pink, which is great for us pale skinned lasses, but the blush is formulated with very fine powder, making it super subtle but easily buildable. A bonus is that this can also be used an eyeshadow, which I can see myself trying as the weather warms.

002: MAC Archie's Girls Veronica Pearlmatte Face Powder - For starters, this was one of those MAC limited editions that I couldn't not have in my collection. Another dusky blush hue with pops of a brighter pink, which warms up the cheeks for a nice blush of colour. I find this very brightening, almost like a highlight and blush in one, definitely on paler skin tones anyway. I've never used this all over the face, but I imagine with the lighter shade you could. 

003: Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Lavish Mauve (£8.99) - These were a huge hit when they came out due to being repeatedly compared to the offering from Hourglass Cosmetics. I, obviously, had to see what the fuss was about, and I am glad I did. I opted for Lavish Mauve, a light pink with a mauve running through it with a distinct shimmer. The soft formula is so flattering for everyday for a very light sheen, but the two-tone definitely adds that little bit extra, more dimension I'd say - I love them and may invest in more at some point. 

Five Blushers for Pale Skin

004: Sleek MakeUP Blush in Pomegranate (£4.49) - I introduce this as the autumn/winter blush. The colour resembles that feeling when your cheeks are being bitten by the cold; a deep berry hue that is as powerful as it looks in the pan. I feared going this dark, but a little goes a long way and it's not as vivid on the skin as one would presume. A light dusting is all you need and go heavy on the eyes!

005: Zelens The Blush in Apricot (£38)* -  One of my more expensive blush staples, which I have been gravitating towards a lot lately. I think apricot hues are really great for pale, slightly red skin tones because they seem to cancel out the red and provide a look that is very fresh and youthful. This powder is so so soft, like seriously velvety soft and it's a dream to work with. A tiny brush swirl goes a long way and it really does highlight your best features and enhances radiance; bringing the face look together. I love this on super natural days, it takes me from the tired, just awoken look, to raring to take on the day. Like most of Zelens range, the colour collection harnesses skincare benefits, whereby this blush enhances volume, moisture and smoothness in the skin while protecting against environmental and oxidative stress. I can honestly say it's a good investment to make, especially for us city dwellers.
theBalm Frat Boy Blush; MAC Archie's Girls Veronica Blush; Max Factor Creme Blush Lavish Mauve; Sleek Blush in Pomegranate; and Zelens The Blush Apricot
theBalm Frat Boy Blush; MAC Archie's Girls Veronica Blush; Max Factor Creme Blush Lavish Mauve; Sleek Blush in Pomegranate; and Zelens The Blush Apricot

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  1. Some lovely and very different shades. I want to build my blush collection this year as this is one of the only things I'm lacking in.
    Carrieanne X