Five Nude Lipsticks // Your Lips But Better

I think we all recollect the major beauty faux pas of wanting to mute down our natural lip shade, and I'm confident you have all - like me - reached for the cheapest and, most notably, lightest concealer from the drug store, paired with that rather questionable clear lip gloss - I'm right aren't I? If you didn't grow up in the 90s, well then, I feel for you, I really do - it was the time for make-up experimentation and a plethora of make-up trends that have slowly reentered the beauty realm. The nude lip has journeyed a long way since the 90s, and like every trend, it has evolved, for the most part, into something rather distinct. I say, with assurance that one no longer needs to reach for their MAC Ruby Woo to make a statement. Obviously, kudos needs to be given to Kylie Jenner for the latest re-revolution (I believe the 60's and Brigitte Bardot got there first) and shining the spotlight on the nude lip, which categorically shows no sign of dying out any time soon. Nude is a very liberal term, but I like to interpret it as 'your lips but better', whatever your skin tone. Ultimately, whether beige-toned, pink-toned or brown-toned, they are all unanimously flattering. I have five every day 'nude' lipstick shades that I find myself reaching for most frequently and they are all slightly different...

Image of Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose, MAC Velvet Teddy, Bobbi Brown Nude, Maybelline Nude Perfection & Gosh Love Story lipsticks
Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Stoned Rose (£23)*a slightly warm, rosey-brown shade which is both pigmented and natural looking. The formula, like many CT lipsticks, is smooth and creamy, but matte enough that it stays in place. I find it weightless on my lips, it feels velvety in texture and has light-diffusing pigments for a plumping - ready to be kissed - effect.

MAC Velvet Teddy (£15.50) – The matte brown nude that is most reminiscent of the 90s *sits and reminisces in a nostalgic haze*. At first glance of the bullet it looked a lot darker and I was worried over whether it would suit my fairer skin, but I find it really warms up my complexion and is the perfect brown nude shade for every day wear. I don’t find the lipstick at all drying, which can sometimes be the case with the MAC matte formulas; it’s rather smooth and feels subtly moisturising when I rub my lips together – not in the seductive way either I hasten to add. I also should mention that I love this shade for mixing my own lipstick colours – I layered it with a deep purple the other day and it made the most gorgeous taupe shade.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Nude (£20)* – This was one of the first lipsticks I tried from Bobbi Brown, and it was like love at first swatch. This is more of a medium brown with warm pink/red undertones. The semi-matte formula is incredibly creamy and particularly hydrating – it glides onto lips with ease. Since this is on the creamier side I do find I need to top up every so often, but it’s also one of those you can do without a mirror – do you need anything else from a lipstick?

Image of Bobbi Brow Nude Lipstick
Maybelline Color Drama Nude Perfection (£4.99) – This is one of those products that suitably defines 'MAC Velvet Teddy dupe', so there was no hesitation in purchasing; I knew I would adore it. Very similar in colour, despite being ever so slightly cooler toned, but slightly creamier in formula. This lasts a pretty decent amount of time too, but not quite as long-lasting as the MAC alternative. 

GOSH Forever Lip Shine 003 Love Story (£6.99)* - This is one of those easy products that you can just throw in your bag for any occasion that you're without a lip colour and need to pull of an easy pout with a sheer wash of colour. Great for work; a crayon that is more than a tinted balm but not the consistency of a sticky gloss - very reminiscent of the Clinique Chubby Stick Balms. I also really like how this has a screw up mechanism as it is compact, easily applied on the go and doesn't get as messy as some crayons that need sharpening. Love Story is a very light nude brown with a hint of pink with a moisturising balmy texture that can be layered for more of an opaque colour. This is one that you have to reapply quite often, but in this shade, that doesn't bother me. Again, it is great for applying without a mirror.

Swatches of Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose, MAC Velvet Teddy, Bobbi Brown Nude, Maybelline Nude Perfection & Gosh Love Story lipsticks
Left to right: Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose, MAC Velvet Teddy, Bobbi Brown Nude, Maybelline Color Drama Nude Perfection and Gosh Love Story.


  1. Beautiful picture! I've never tried a Bobbi Brown lipstick, is this one you'd highly recommend?

  2. I love all the colors :) my fave is the lipstick by GOSH ! Sad that we dont have this brand in Italy :(