What I Got For Christmas 2015

I absolutely love seeing what everyone gets for Christmas, so I thought I would give my two cents and show you what I was luckily enough to have received this year. This is totes not a braggy post (general cliche disclaimer right there), but I am so grateful for each and every present. My family and friends did so well this year and really thought about what I would like, and in some instances, picked up on all of my little 'I wants, I needs' throughout the year. My Mumma was especially amazing this year, I couldn't believe when I opened up a gift to find this gorgeous Vivienne Westwood Purse. I was going to opt for a black one but the green was definitely a good choice; a classic that sure has longevity. I got extremely excited over the smell of real leather as this is my first foray into the luxury leather game, and now I can't stop sniffing it! Am I weird? Next is a designer hand bag, but that may take a while to save for... My Nan also bought me some studio lights (not pictured) which should help me along with my blog in the new year. I really struggle with doing all my photography at the weekends and then not finding the motivation to post, so now I will be able to take photos in the evening, providing they fit in my room - here's hoping! I also was spoilt with unicorns galore. Ok not an actual herd of unicorns (wait do they come in herds?), but several unicorn things. My favourites are my slippers, which both Hannah and my brother bought me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them both. You can never have enough unicorn slippers, eh? My Mum also bought me the Skinnydip Unicorn Wash Bag and Phone Case for when I get my new phone, and I got a few pairs of unicorn socks too - mega cute and mega result!

Vivienne Westwood Green Purse
I have bought my friends a couple of these copper letters and I have wanted one for myself for so long, however whenever I went to get one it was out of stock in my initial. I couldn't believe that my Mum got hold of one for me, I adore it! My Sister gave me this really cute mug from Urban Outfitters that says 'i love my cat', which is cool because I can finally have my own mug at work for my hot chocolates. I also do really love my cat and have separation anxiety when we're apart.

skinnydip unicorn range
Another thing I always buy for other people but never for myself are the colognes from The Library of Fragrance and I now finally have one for myself. My Sister chose the 'Marshmallow' scent for me as she knows I love sweet smells; it's sugary sweet that's for sure. I'm still yet to try a beauty blender, but I love this make-up sponge that looks like a rabbit in the box, isn't it adorbs?

boux avenue bra and knickers
I love pretty lingerie, but the only time I have matching sets is when I receive them at Christmas. I love Boux Avenue for bras - it's the store I go to for all my underwear - and my Mum read my wish list and bought me this gorgeous, slightly vintage looking set. I really feel like I have got my shit together when wearing this, and that's not a feeling I feel often.

zara navy handbag
To go with my new purse, I was lucky enough to get the bag I wanted with this gorgeous green fluffy pom pom (can you tell I have a thing for green right now?). It's from Zara and is mahusive - it fits in everything I need. I also really like that the hardware is silver as opposed to gold, which I really don't like that much and is the main reason I struggle to find handbags I like. 

unicorn slippers
fluffy pjs
Other presents included tons of chocolate, alcohol, socks, candles, a personalised lighter, unicorn spaghetti measurer, Lush bits, lipstick and pyjamas (these polar bear ones are SO fluffy and amazing that I look exactly like a fat bear when I wear them).  As you can see I was a really spoilt girlie and I am so thankful - I bet you guys were too! Please do link me to your similar posts, I'd love to be nosy and see what you all received. I hope you all have a great New Year! 

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