Secret Santa with JustMyLook

I love Secret Santa and each year I seem to participate in more and more of them; even if they fail to remain secret. When I was contacted by JustMyLook asking me whether I'd like to be a part of its blogger Secret Santa initiative, I jumped at the chance. If you didn't know, JustMyLook is a beauty e-tailer that offers fantastic prices for branded products across skincare, cosmetics and hair, as well as nails and electrical, and even shaving and grooming for men. What was great with this is that we were not constrained to buying gifts from that one site, because ultimately it depended on who you got to whether they would appreciate any of the items sold. We were all asked to provide some information of our likes and dislikes to help our partner choose and below is what I received. Turned out that my very own Santa was Kaye (@fordtography) and I love it all; she got it spot that I was super excited to unravel each gift. In hindsight I should have probably waited until the big day, but I just couldn't wait.

JustMyLook Secret Santa Presents
I think my two top favourites are the socks (Unicorns and mermaids for the win!) and the ahhhhh-mazing unicorn patch from Rosie Wonders, which I had come across and fantasised over a fair few times. This sequin cat pouch is also adorbs and perfect for holding all my Christmas party make-up essentials.

Rosie Wonders Unicorn Patch
Even the card was personalised, isn't it sweet? Gotta love a bit of Moonpig! I've actually had these cat nail transfers before so I am glad to have a second packet to experiment with. Kaye has really combined all of my favourite things very well. Thanks so much girl!

Unicorn and Mermaid Socks from ASOS
Have you guys taken part in Secret Santa this year? I am hoping my blogger likes what I bought for her. I was informed that she loved red lipstick and pugs so I of course bought her a red lippy from NARS and a pair of cute pug socks. Thank you JustMyLook, this was really fun and a great way to discover new blogs too!

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