Monthly Beauty Favourites: November

So, a wee bit late this month I know, but I thought I would put November's beauty favourites up anyway. Despite this, I am fully into the swing of December and am currently belting out my own rendition of Driving Home For Christmas; I cannot wait to drive back home to Salisbury for the Christmas break, I tell ya! Anyway November's beauty favourites were good ones; I fell in love with lots of new products and rekindled my love for some old ones that I return to time and time, sorry the pictures are a little out of focus, I'm adjusting to a new lens!

A picture of my November Beauty Favourites

001: bareMinerals The Royal Court Palette (£25)* - I wrote about this in a previous post, but I quite honestly have not stopped using it since I bought it. I have been loving the more natural look lately, whereby a perfected complexion is welcomed dearly. This palette lightly defines my features while providing me with a subtle apricot blush on the cheeks and a super pretty glow. The staying power is brilliant and I would recommend it for anyone, especially those with paler skin tones. 

002: Burberry Kisses Mini Lipstick in 'Military Red' (£25 full size)* - I actually have a larger Burberry lipstick, however the mini is so much easier to work with, especially because I have the world's smallest lips (no, really!!). The bullet is the right size to be precise in lining my lips before going on to fill them in. Red is always a colour - like everyone I presume - that I bring out as soon as winter and Christmas are near; incredibly chic and festive and the perfect accompaniment to a natural face. I love wearing little make-up and then a pop of colour on my lips, akin to television stars of the 70s (well the ones I have been watching lately anyway). 

003: Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner in 'Black Ivy' (£18.50)* - I'm not usually one for kohl or gel eyeliner, however as of late I have been wanting to try it out again; mainly for my tight line and lower lash lane. I have sparse eyelashes and hate having the gappy look, so this helps define my eyes a lot more. I like that it's a slightly greeny black which appears to be less harsh than the Pitch Black alternative. This is part of the brand's Christmas Sterling Nights collection, which is full of amazing products. The eyeliner glides on with a silky gel texture and stays put, even with a little watery eye. I also love how no sharpening is needed as it has a retractable nib! 

A picture of L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes
004: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation (£48)* - As previously mentioned, this month I have been toning down my face and eye make-up and this has been the perfect base to compliment this look. I do have to say that my skin has been pretty good this past month, so I probably wouldn't have used this so much if it wasn't due to the formula being incredibly sheer; more like a translucent tinted moisturiser. When I put this on, my skin looks smoothed out, more refined and especially glowy and youthful. I top up any areas that need more coverage with concealer, but this really is a winner for when you don't want to wear a heavier base that may dry down to show imperfections. I don't know if it's because of oxidisation, but this gets better the longer I leave it, so while I look a bit too glowy to begin with, by the time I get to work it has settled into my skin and warmed up my complexion while still moisturising my skin; I think it's magic.

005: L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara (£9.99) - After using the Maybelline Lash Sensational for a long time, I decided I wanted to try something new. So after reading many reviews, I picked this little beauty up on a recent trip to Boots. I have very short and sparse lashes, which also have little curl. I find volumising mascaras and big brushes really don't work for me, so always go for the curved, thinner and lengthening brushes. This arched brush has been designed to grip and stretch the lashes from root to tip, and I am incredibly impressed (not something I feel about many mascaras I try). I definitely get that feline look that makes my eyes appear wider and more awake, and the formula is particularly glossy black, which I adore! 

006: Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold Fragrance (£79)* - I have had this for ages and it has just been sat on my perfume tray looking pretty. Originally, I wasn't sure how I felt about the fragrance, so didn't really begin using it properly until recently. Sometimes it's good to come back to things you weren't really sure of at first use, and I am so glad I did that with this. Although not the most wintery of fragrances, it's perfect for the evening, which is something i've been looking for. It's a fruity, floral and woody scent that comprises key notes of orange flower, mandarin and vetiver, with an undertone of woods. 

November Beauty Favourites

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