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I like to think I have Christmas wrapped up pretty early as I am one of those people that gets themselves all in a tizz if things are too last minute. This never used to be the case and I used to do all my shopping a few days before Christmas – I guess, people, being an adult changes you! There are, however, a few presents that slip through the sack; presents for those people you don’t usually buy for but have ended up buying for you, resulting in you feeling like you have both failed Christmas and your friendship. In these instances it is usually when I go into a flurry of panic; not knowing what to get the person, or equally, knowing exactly what to buy but it never being in stock. You totes understand, right? Well, to make these festive last minute buys a bit easier on both your stress levels and your purse, chocolatiers Thorntons has rallied up its little elves to create The Thorntons Christmas Gift Finder, a simple solution that can be accessed through the website or app. All you have to do is enter the recipient’s name, fuel the gift finder machine and share your chocotastic results.

Thorntons Gift Finder

The gift finder machine will ask a series of questions and asks you to demonstrate your answers with the toffee meter. Such questions include whether your recipient believes in Santa, or whether they have been naughty or nice, and even whether they think, as a friend, you’re a Santa or a scrooge. You’re also asked how they would decorate their tree, allowing for two answers (which is a bit hard because, if your friends are like mine, they like to go the whole hog). It is after these questions have been answered that Thorntons provides you will an edit of recommendations on what they believe your recipient will like depending on whether you’ve selected that you’re after a sack full of gifts or just a stocking filler. Many items can be personalised too, like the above, so it really is ideal. Great for last minute buyers, unless your friend despises chocolate, but then that would be weird.

*chocolates provided as a gift

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