How I Like To End The Week // Friday Chill Out

I love Fridays. I live for Fridays. I remember waiting a long time to say these words after working in retail for so many years, but now I have a 9-5 (well 5.30!) job, I truly and utterly get the whole Friday thing; it's a blessing, it really is. This week I have been so poorly that now it is finally Friday I cannot wait to have a full on chill. I do have a few Christmas gifts to finish wrapping, which I will do while drinking hot coco and trying to sing Christmas songs, albeit very badly with my croaky voice. Long gone are those Friday nights perched on a bar stool in the local pub, or on a dance floor in a club, I am now very much a stay at home and chill kinda gal; and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The first thing I do when I return home is get into my pjs - I honestly cannot understand how some people don't do this; I have to be comfy at all times. These bunny ones are from Primark, which let's be honest, is where the majority of my pjs are from. I'm also really loving these Liberty London Mule Slippers from Bedroom Athletics; they're super comfy and have an Australian sheepskin foot bed. It is at this point I am ready to watch a movie. At this time of year, Falling in Love is one of my favourites - I really recommend if you haven't seen. It is an old movie but if you're a fellow Meryl Streep and Robert de Niro fan, it's a must see.

Before the evening is over, I have to have a bath. I have an ensuite with a shower, so don't get to have a bath often, but when I do get to pinch my housemates' bathroom, a LUSH bath is always on the cards. I have so many Christmas LUSH products to use this year, but one of my favs that I hadn't tried until this year, was the Peeping Santa bubble bar. Isn't he the cutest? He smells all kinds of fruity too, which is always lovely.

I then get my cosy Bedroom Athletics Slipper Socks on, which are very well knitted and very cosy. They have grips on the bottom to stop me from slipping all over the place, and are meant to come up to just below your knees but my calves are a wee bit fat so I tend to just scrunch them up. Once I am clean and cosy I'll head into the bathroom to give my face a little pamper. I very rarely get time to do this in the week so on a Friday night I tend go the whole shebang; cleansing, exfoliating and even a mask!

A Friday night wouldn't be complete without a scented candle (NEOM is my fav right now!), fairy lights and a hot chocolate, and because it's Christmas, santa-shaped marshmallows. 

What do you do to relax on a Friday night?

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  1. I totally put my pjs on as soon as I get in! Pjs on, bra off, hair up and make up off! 😍 Little things eh? Haha

    Loving your photography!

    Montse |