Getting my knit on with George at ASDA

This year I spent a small fortune on a gorgeous, grey woollen coat to be greeted by weather that is extremely muggy and wet, rather than the dry, bitter coldness I have come to love about UK winter. Thus, my coat has become a bit redundant. In light of this, it was time to up my knitwear game; something thick enough to keep me warm while outside, but something that wouldn't make me sweat among the muggy air. George at ASDA's knitwear collection was just what I needed, especially when they offered an array of pieces* that would tick both the stylish and practical boxes.

George at ASDA knitwear
The above knitted cardigan with faux fur trim was the first piece of knitwear to catch my eye, and I couldn't quite believe that it was from ASDA. This is a great coatigan type piece that has become a staple in my wardrobe over the last month, and one that I get compliments on quite regularly. I also really like that the fur is completely detachable, giving me the option to remove if it doesn't quite take my fancy. The quality feels great too. I make sure to take care of this by always hanging it up (quite a chore for me ha!) and giving it a regular once over with a lint roller to stop dirt and fluff getting mangled in the knitting.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Jumper
This year I decided to get a more wearable Christmas/seasonal jumper as opposed to the crazy designs that jingle and sing to me. I cannot tell you how many times people have asked me about this gingerbread jumper, and each time they're surprised that it's from George at ASDA and cost a mere £12. I'm not usually one for sequins, but this just had me gripped at the first instance - super cute, super festive and super wearable and comfy. I'm going to get a de-bobbler on this though as it has gone a bit bobbly through constant wear (I have worn it a good few times each week throughout December and plan on wearing it throughout January also). Hopefully doing this will keep it nice for next year.

Tartan Wrap

This last piece is a tartan wrap, that when I put on, makes me feel like I could take off and fly. I love a good check in winter, and shawls/wraps are a great way to get away without wearing a coat. I really like how this one fastens as I have a similar tartan red one that just flys off my shoulders with any slight wind. Monochrome ensures this piece will stay on-trend for -hopefully- a few years to come. Knitwear, whether expensive or on the cheaper side, needs taking care of to make sure that it isn't a throwaway garment after just one season, so I advise regular use of a lint roller, de-bobbler and even moth balls in your wardrobe to really help pieces last longer.

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