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A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Tiger (one of my favs for quirky homewares and gifts) to celebrate Christmas while getting crafty. I took part in a workshop that enabled me to design and make my very own Tiger Pakkekalender, which for those that don't know, is the Dutch version of an advent calendar; offering 24 hanging gifts that you can embrace each morning. Now, because I am an utterly useless blogger at times, I inconveniently forgot to take a photo of my own creation on my camera, however you can see the finished product over on my Instagram page. I opened present number one this morning and received an exceptionally cute jewellery bead kit, which is such a nice alternative to chocolate (who am I kidding? I have one of those too).

Tiger Pakkekalender Workshop
On my arrival there was a very festive looking table, an array of crafty bits like ribbon, glitter and pegs, as well as a few festive snack boxes and a pop up version of the bearded man in red - it was so much fun. It was an intimate setting where I could learn and let loose, which I thoroughly enjoyed despite being somewhat rubbish at crafts (I used to be amazing as a kid, what happened?). The lovely Tiger team had already wrapped 24 presents for me to hang, all of which were in a bag on my seat; all I had to do was make the frame.

Tiger Pakkekalender
Tiger Pakkekalender Craft Workshop
I decided the best idea (one already created and pre-planted in my brain) was to use a wire clothes hanger as a frame. You could put two together (like the below), or just use one so that it remained flat. I preferred the latter, meaning I could hang it on the back of my door at home, allowing me to open the gifts each morning with ease. I then went on to wrap the hanger in a purple/pink ribbon (obvs!) and started to hang multiple patterned ribbons to attach to my gifts, topped off with a purple bow and some festive vine.  

An image of Tiger Christmas Crafts
Tiger Christmas Decorations
A Pakkekalender is such a cute idea, and something all the family can get involved with. I can see myself doing this with any future children I may have and making a real tradition out of it. Chocolate is great, but this is much more personal and fun. I am so excited to see what I get each day and it has truly put me in the Christmas spirit. Happy 1 December guys and dolls!

Tiger Pakkekalender Example

Thank you to Tiger for allowing me to participate, and since Tiger are opening so many new stores lately, I urge you to find your nearest one and go for a gander; it's an incredible and extremely affordable store. Have you ever made a Pakkekalender? I'd love to see some of your creations.

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