Netflix and... Eat: Current Favourite Things To Watch

Why humans weren't born to hibernate during the winter is beyond me, because as soon as I have to embrace the dark, early evenings, I want to nestle under a den of sheets, throws and pillows surrounded by a plethora of calorific snacks and a good line up of TV (not quite Netflix and chill, but c'est la vie). I'm pretty sure each and every one of you is with me on that one. TV in bed is one of those reliable things in life that you know will be there to comfort you come rain or shine, and nothing is quite as good as those weekends where you only leave your set up to pee or check the contents of the fridge. I have never really been that fussed about having a TV in my room as I have always had my laptop - a student habit I've yet to shake. That's not to say I don't dream of having the space for a suitably large television screen mounted on my wall, allowing me to watch my favourite programmes in heightened quality. The latest television on the block that has caught my fancy is the  Panasonic Viera 4k TV, which offers a viewing experience that surpasses that of HD – ultimately making the relationship between you and your favourite programmes a match made in snuggly heaven. Offering four times the resolution of HD, 4K projects a crisper, clearer and sharper image. Not only that, you can also view photographs with a higher quality of detail on the TV screen, which I know as a blogger is a huge plus point. Who else loves looking at their images on a TV? It’s like an at-home personal photographic gallery. I also really like to watch YouTube through the television, so I thought as well as rounding up my favourite Autumn/Winter-appropriate shows, I’d include a few of my favourite YouTubers too (I have so many favourites and these are just a handful)...

Scream Queens: my latest American TV obsession; it's so horrendous that it's great. I really didn't expect to like this as much as I do. I started watching on UK time, but couldn't wait another week so ended up binge watching it online on a Sunday // Pretty Little Liars: I am an original fan of this; I have watched it from the very first pilot and it has gotten me through the last five or so years. This show has provided me with all the frustrations, laughter, relationship goals, friendship goals and entertainment a gal could ever need, while also making me question my sanity on many occasions. I cannot wait for the next season - will we ever be truly free of A? that is the question. Maybe it's time for B and C to have their turn... // As well as trashy American dramas, I love a great - shall we say more serious - show. Law & Order SVU is one of my favourites and I have a huge woman crush on Liv and totally shipped her and Elliot (I totes cried when he left). It's a fantastic cast - I mean Ice T, come on!! - and tackles those horrific sex crime stories that realistically happen in real life too. // Big Bang Theory: not as good as Friends by any stretch of the imagination, but one that I can watch back to back all day long. Sheldon is one of those characters that is just so comforting and funny and he is definitely my favourite. Great for instant tear-inducing giggles and one to watch when the weather is so bad outside your brain cannot even comprehend doing anything. // 2 Broke Girls: another I could watch back to back. I watch this because I secretly want to be Max and I love cupcakes and I love New York. Oh and it's also quite funny y'know!

elf: winter means Christmas; elf epitomises Christmas. This is probably one of my favourite Christmas films to snuggle down and watch, however it doesn't do much for my diet as I want to eat maple syrup on everything and anything deemed socially acceptable. // Falling in Love: I couldn't not have a Meryl Streep movie among the line-up, who would I be otherwise? Falling in Love isn't strictly a Christmas movie, however it starts off set around Christmas time and finishes the same way. This film combines both my love for Meryl and Robert de Niro, and it makes my heart flutter and my tears run, while getting me in a Christmasy loving mood. It's such a romantic, feel good winter movie. Falling in Love is from the 80s so if you haven't seen or heard of it, I urge you to give it a watch. // Love Actually: I don't think I need to explain this one do I?; it's totes obligatory for this time of year. The Holiday: again, another favourite winter/Christmas film, which in turn makes me want to run away to a little remote cottage. There's nothing more pleasurable than the contentment I feel while snuggled under a duvet, candles burning and watching this movie. // Bridesmaids: for the day where I am feeling a little down or under the weather and can't face the dreary winter days. It makes me laugh so much that I pee a little. Melissa McCarthy wins all the awards for me.

I watch quite a few YouTube videos and I love it when one of my favourites uploads a new video just in time to view while eating my dinner (really, TV and food = the way to live). These are the five that excite me the most when a new video pops up, and the ones I constantly check to see if anything new has gone live. Gabriella from VelvetGh0st was one of the first YouTubers I watched, along with Lily Melrose. What I love about Gabby is that she is probably the most like me out of everyone I watch; extremely relatable in terms of personality, life issues and general demeanour. I know if given half the chance in real life, we'd get on like a house on fire. I'd have Gabs on a big screen any day of the week. // Victoria from In The Frow is - in teenager lingo - goals. She posts both aspirational and inspirational content and has me lusting after everything she uses. I have major hair envy and the way she applies her make-up is second to none - I always try to recreate her looks, but fail miserably. // Lily, oh the lovely Lily Melrose. I have followed Lily's blog from very early on. I love that she's high street and totally rocks everything; she's so likeable and really connects with viewers. I have met Lily a couple of times and she's just as lovely in person as she is on camera. And her vlogs man, I'm obsessed. // Becca Rose, another lovely lady I have had the privilege to meet a number of times. Becca cracks me up and her videos, putting in blankly, are blooming marvellous to watch, I love how neat and nicely arranged everything is too, as well as the cuteness of her pug, Rupert. // Helen Anderson, formally known as Melon Lady, was the inspiration for my purple hair, while she also has me craving tattoos like a crazy woman. I love her uniqueness, originality and fun persona - she makes me explore my slightly crazier side. 

If you had a mahusssive 4k TV, what would you watch?

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