Nailed it: Models Own AW15 Chrome Collection // Swatched

If there is one thing I am not very good at, it’s painting nails, but boy oh boy my talons are now ready for the festive season; I am so excited. Thanks to the new Models Own AW15 Colour Chrome collection*, my nail game for Christmas is on-point. I have only used one of these formulas from previous collection drops, but the five new Colour Chrome additions are right up my street. I was first drawn to the collection by the hi-shine metallic look of the bottles, which I am guessing most of you will be too. The nail polishes are said to provide a 'liquid metal' formula, which has a super-shiny finish and intense depth of colour to ensure a foiled effect finish. The five new shades include Red, Grey, Copper, Turquoise and Pearl (swatched below).

A picture of Models Own AW15 Chrome Collection
The only thing I would say about the Models Own Colour Chrome nail polishes that is a little disappointing is that the polishes don't look 100% like liquid metal as the bottle would suggest, but that's not uncommon in nail polishes as it's incredible difficult (i'd imagine) to match an exterior to the actual product. I don't even know if it's possible for nail polish to look like a direct match for melted down metals, but Models Own has definitely done a good job at getting as close as possible. A couple of coats create a strong metallic finish, and when applied with a top coat, your mani is all kinds of shiny (not used below).

Models Own Chrome Nail Polishes
Copper is definitely one of my favourites; it's reminiscent of the rose gold hue that everyone (myself included) is coveting lately, and I also really like Grey as it has a gorgeous purple hue to it. I was expecting pearl to be slightly holographic as the bottle looks very lilac, but in fact it is very much a block silver looking shade with subtle lilac tones when the light hits. Red offers pink undertones which would make the perfect festive nail with Pearl painted on the tip.
Models Own Chrome Collection Swatches: Red, Grey, Copper, Turquoise and Pearl

Models Own AW15 Chrome Collection Swatches: Turquoise, Peal, Copper, Red and Grey.

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  1. These are gorgeous. Always loved Models Own but haven't tried anything new for ages will have to check these out. Love the blue and red especially.