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As a child, I was the one that coveted glasses. I realise that's a peculiar wish for a child due to the fact most children hated that they needed extra eye enhancements to see properly, however for me I always thought of eyewear as a supplementation of glamour; they made you fashionable. Glasses changed the way you looked, and I loved how they altered my appearance; more sophisticated, more alluring if you will. When I started high school, the yearning for glasses intensified and I would go to the opticians in an effort to try and fake an eye test - make it appear that I couldn't actually read the test sheets. Of course, the optician saw right through me, and my results obviously didn't show any inability to see. As I got to college, the day came. I finally needed glasses – mainly for computer work and driving - however over the years my eyes have become strained from endless hours spent staring at a computer. Writing all day for my day job and then returning home to a laptop meant that I now couldn’t function without my glasses. I had a ghastly pair of FCUK frames (at sixteen, these were ‘fashionable’) for years before finally – this month - getting my eyes re-tested with the right prescription, leading me to get some jazzy new frames courtesy of Glasses Direct. London Retro had been a brand of glasses that had been on my radar for months, and I am so happy to say that I now own two pairs: one for work and one to keep at home. A great buy one get another free deal right there!

Glasses Direct London Retro Frames
My favourite are the Fitzrovia with the tortoise shell print and inner pink rims; I believe they suit me better than the Keaton black pair, don’t you agree? However, there is just something about black glasses that make me feel like I am bold enough to take on whatever is thrown at me. It’s funny how an accessory can empower you and fuel you with the confidence to take on certain tasks. Glasses Direct offers a convenient service that takes the stress out of glasses shopping. You can order four pairs of glasses for a 7-day home trial, see how they fit and get opinions from your friends and family before deciding which two pairs you would like to keep. Every second pair is free, and you could even get one optical frame and one prescription sunglass frame: Bargain!

Glasses Direct London Retro Frames in Keaton Black
London Retro Fitzrovia Frames
Because I am a bit of an oldie at heart, London Retro appealed to me; infusing classic yester-year shapes with contemporary styles. Glasses Direct, however, have so many other brands and styles to choose from. What I have learnt from wearing glasses is that you have to get your make-up right. I always look so much better completely done up with glasses (although you can just intensify natural looks) as opposed to wearing glasses barefaced, which obviously I do at home.  I thought I would tell you my top three tips for combining make-up and glasses:

Make-up tips for wearing glasses
001: Eyes have got to be bold; eyeliner will be your best friend. If you line the eyes, they pop more through the lenses. If you don’t want to go the full she-bang with liquid liner and a cat eye, a little bit of khol in the tight line and water line will do the trick. Eyeshadow enhances the look, but it’s not a necessity, as it can at times look a bit too much. I went for a rusty red and purple here, but keeping it neutral will work well too.

002: I hate those pesky marks that glasses leave on the bridge of your nose, which consequently gently removes your base make-up. I have found the best way to avoid the marks is by not applying make-up too heavy on that part of the face and setting with a good translucent powder and letting it completely set before putting your frames back on – this also helps stop foundation transfering on to the frame. If like me you only wear glasses at your desk and remove them quite often, carry a beauty balm with you to apply on the marks. This should make your base make-up a little more malleable and you can do a little patching up with your finger. Alternatively, keep a concealer on your desk for touch ups.

003: Curl your lashes! Don’t you hate the feeling of your lashes on your lenses? I find eyelash curlers paired with a good curling mascara helps avoid lash-to-glass contact.

Make-up tips for wearing glasses

What are your top make-up tips for wearing glasses?

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