Christmas Gift Guide // For Him

One huge positive thing about being single is that I relieve myself from the stress of having to find Christmas gifts for men; it's a task I really don't relish. That being said, I do have to partake it buying men-approprite presents to some extent as I have both my Dad and Brother to buy for. Thankfully I only have two men in my family. I do struggle in knowing what to get them, so tend to stick to the most unoriginal gifts you could think of, but still lovely gifts nonetheless. This prompts the second in my Christmas Gift Guide series, a guide for the boys in your life.

Christmas Gift Guide For Men
When it comes to my Dad, he is really difficult. He's not a very smartly dressed man because his job is in the labour field, nor does he really read, watch DVDs or have many hobbies I can buy into. Therefore I stick to the basics that he puts off buying himself throughout the year, as well as those little luxuries that he also would never buy for himself. One of my top picks for men, which most men will get use out of, is cologne. This year there have been so many great fragrance releases for both sexes, but on this occasion I decided to go for something a little different from the usual offering on the high street: Acqua Di Parma Colonia Club Eau de Cologne (£60, 50ml, a fresh citrus/woody fragrance inspired by the iconic Colonia from 1916. I find that you also cannot fail with loungewear, which would be suitable for any guy in the family. This Men's Lounge Set (£10) is actually from Primark, which I think is a complete bargain considering how soft and comfy they feel. You couldn't properly lounge without some slipper socks and these ones are the Mens SockShop Christmas Pudding Slipper Socks (£3), which are also available in children's sizes. SockShop have a great selection of socks and slipper socks for Christmas for men and women of all ages, so it's worth a look - you could kit the whole family out!

I am always trying to get my Brother and Dad looking after their skin, because although they're men, it's no less important. Neither are particularly interested in vanity and with a 'splash of water is fine' attitude it gets more difficult each year. This year I am going to introduce them both to the Zeos for Men QU3 Skincare range, which has been highly recommended. The full urban skincare range includes: Face & Body Moisturiser (£8.95), Face Scrub (£7.95), Face Wash (£7.95) and Hair & Body Shower Gel (£4.95), however the full set can be purchased as a Christmas Gift Box Full Bundle (£29.99).  My Brother is at that age where he resembles a member of One Direction, mainly due to his hair. As a brand, Schwarzkopf is one of my favourites, it's the brand I use for my own hair and one that is well respected in the industry, therefore it's time for the men to give it a go. The Schwarzkopf [3D]MEN products would be perfect for a Brother or Brother-in-Law - I have picked out the Deep Cleansing Shampoo (perfect for teens with oily hair) and Texture Clay, for all men's styling needs.

Christmas Gift Guide For Men

It wouldn't be Christmas without socks and underwear, and this Happy Socks Boxer Brief & Sock Combo Gift Box (£24.95) is super funky and suitable for a Brother, Cousin or if you have one, Boyfriend! A scarf is always an easy present to get a bloke, and this one was another bargain from Primark (£5) - their men's range is pretty decent and none of it seems to have a Primark label (great for when you want something to look more expensive than it is).

Another bargain, because you simply cannot avoid the chocolate gift for at least one male in your life, is this Giant Snowie Chocolate Record Disc (£1) which I picked up in Poundland.

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