Berry Dark: Lips & Nails Combo

I've not ever been the girl that matches. I certainly don’t match my bra to my knickers, I am very rarely caught wearing the correct pair of socks, and sometimes my cutlery doesn't even match. Those things don't really matter to the outside world, however my exterior -most of the time- has to match, or at the very least be complementary. Combining brown and black infuriates me, as does wearing a lip colour that fails to harmonise with, or match my nails. For winter it's all about those red berry tones, hints of black cherry and squashed blackcurrants, all of which get me in the mood to embrace the chill, as well as influencing my sartorial choices.

Image of lipsticks & nail combinations: MAC Cyber, NARS No Shame, Gosh Night Kiss, L'Oreal Color Riche 462
I love being pale in the winter and tapping into that pale gothic glam look, I feel it really emphasises my features. Berries, plums and blacks also go really well with most winter fashion staples, and have this grown up feel to them. Maybe that’s just me, but I always feel a little more sophisticated with a dark nail and lip; more empowered you could say.

AW15 Lip & Nail Combinations
Now, I realise I have completely failed at the match once again: I have a ratio of 4:3 favouring lipsticks. In this case though, they all go well together and can be mixed and matched to suit a plethora of winter moods. Ya feel me? Of course ya do. In terms of lipsticks, the darker the better - although a little riskayyy in terms of application, I love them. One of my favourites this season is the GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Night Kiss (£6.99)*. You'll also recognise that all my choices have suitably winter-esque names, which if I am honest, always pull me in; I love a good name me. I like to combine this lippy with the Nails inc Nail Polish in Saville Row (£11), which is more plum than the raspberry of the lipstick, but once applied harmonises well. 

Image of lipsticks & nail combinations: Barry M Gelly Black Currant; OPI The Cable Car Pool; Nails Inc Saville Row
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Another lipstick favourite is the NARS Killer Shine Lipstick in No Shame (£20)*, a true deep berry hue that matched perfectly with the burgundy finish of the OPI Nail Polish in The Cable Car Pool Lane (£10). Finally, a lipstick I relish using every year without fail is one of the first MAC products I ever bought: MAC Lipstick in Cyber (£15.50). This is a deep, vampy, blackened satin purple, which makes me feel incredibly sexy and rebellious; as if I were a notorious film muse. This also reminds me a lot of the L'Oréal Color Riche Lipstick in 462 (£6.99)*, however this is glossier and more of a pink-toned, brighter purple berry. I like to wear both of these lipsticks with the recently launched Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Black Currant (£3.99)* - super glossy, pigmented and long lasting like the other Gelly Paints; one of my favourite formulas from the brand that's for sure. 

An image of GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Night Kiss
What are your favourite lip/nail combinations for the chillier months?

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