All I want for Christmas is...

I thought I would kick of my Sunday Christmas series (whereby each Sunday in the run up to Christmas there will be a festive post) with my own Christmas wish list. My Mum always pesters me really early on about what I would like for Christmas and whether I have sorted out my list; well Mother, here you are. The thing is, I don't actually want anything in particular for Christmas, which is a first for me. I've realised there are a lot of things that I've wanted for a long time which are most out of budget for Christmas, but money towards them would be rather lovely.

I want to start off 2016 with the aim of starting a YouTube channel. I know I have been saying that for a long time, but other than trying to find the confidence to do so, I don't have the right equipment. My camera is a very old Canon 500D which is not a good camera for video, as I cannot see what I am doing, or whether I am in focus. I have tried sorting out EOS so that I can link it to my Mac, but to no avail. I know the Canon 600D has been discontinued but I thought I could buy a second hand one and then try and sell mine - an affordable upgrade (despite really wanting the 700D...)

I've also been in the market for a new bag and purse, and I feel I am at that age now where I need to look into purchasing investment pieces. I would like to save up for a Mulberry or Chloé bag, but for now this Zara Soft City Bag in Navy is definitely something I need. This is the first bag that I have seen in months that I actually really like; I am very fussy with handbags and am extremely indecisive. I also would like one of those cliched Topshop Pom Pom Bag Charms that everyone and their mother has. I love this green one but not sure it goes with the navy? I also cannot find a purse on the high street that I like at all, but I am in desperate need of one. This Vivienne Westwood Saffiano Leather Wallet is a dream - I need some real leather in my life but I cannot decide between this black one or the green one...

I am also coveting the Ikea Alex Drawers, which I know have probably had their time in the blogging world whereby everyone has moved onto other types of storage, but my room is quite narrow and I am running out of space for all my beauty bits. I want to get rid of an extra bedside unit I have and replace it with one of these units. After I have done that I can actually use my chest of drawers for what it is supposed to be used for, instead of filling it with surplus beauty stock. On the subject of storage, I have another shelving unit that looks pretty messy, therefore I thought these H&M Copper Baskets would be great for making things look a little more tidy. I have an addiction to copper right now, so this 'J' Copper Letter from Oliver Bonus is something else I would love, however it is nearly always out of stock.

Beauty wise, I would be so happy to receive the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in So Marilyn, along with The Library of Fragrance Pixie Dust scent. In the new year I also really need to invest in a new set of eyeshadow brushes. I have got so many eyeshadows now but no great brushes to apply them with. The Zoeva Rose Gold Set is something I have been coveting since it came out, which also look super pretty in photographs.

In the realm of fashion, I couldn't not lust after these ASOS Unicorn Slippers, aren't they the cutest? Also all the lingerie from Boux Avenue right now is gorgeous, I especially love the Rose Lace Set. And how cute are these little Regal Rose Rings? The majority of rings I wear are from the brand, and I adore each one so am always happy to add to my collection.

What are you wanting this year?

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