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Oh yes, Hylamide has done it again! The latest innovation comes in the form of the Hylamide Photography Foundation (£18)*, a next-generation 'transparent' foundation that has been designed specifically to make the skin look better for the camera lens, all while blurring away imperfections that are often noticed in real life. Yes, I know what you're thinking - no more time spent deciding on which Instagram filter works best at making your skin look flawless, while keeping with your current 'theme'. We've all been there...

a photo of Hylamide Photography Foundation
The Hylamide Photography Foundation is also available in Golden Tan and Dark Tan and contains nano fractions of silica-based prisms to create light confusion for reduced visible lines and pores immediately, while specifically creating a backdrop to highlight facial features through the camera lens. The product harnesses cutting edge technology to offer a discreet golden glow instantly, resulting in skin looking healthier, with unwanted tones corrected. It's got your 'good angles' sorted my friends. The formula is super light-weight and feels undetected on the skin, however it remains incredibly hydrating.
  Hylamide Photography Foundation Review
The product creates a cinematic illusion straight after use and is said to last 48 hours (I cannot comment on this as I didn't want to spend two days continuously taking selfies...). What I can report though is that it did, in fact, help me hate my selfies that little bit less, and achieved the look of a slightly blurred Instagram filter for my skin. I also looked visibly glowing without looking shiny. I wore it under the COLLECTION Illuminating Touch Foundation below, which is unedited by the way (I applied it as I would a primer). In hindsight I should have taken a before photo, but I'm not always that smart... sorry! I like this so much I don't want to waste it staring at my computer screen at work, therefore have been bringing it out for special occasions whereby photo opportunities are most probably imminent. You can pick this beauty up from Boots stores nationwide. I am so excited to see what the brand releases next!

Wearing Hylamide Photography Foundation

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