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Happy Halloween to y'all! I cannot believe this is the first year, in years, that I am not dressing up or going to a party; I just wasn't feeling it until I left it too late and started gettin' FOMO from my Instagram feed. In light of this, the cute pumpkins at Funkin Cocktails delivered Halloween to me in an amazing box filled with everything I needed to throw a little Halloween celebration from my own home...

Funkin Cocktails
I think I have had a home-mixed Funkin cocktail before, but not one that I remember (I was probably ghoulishly intoxicated at the time), so I am excited to get my lips around a glass filled with this totally witchin' juice. First up I will make a rather bloody looking Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri, which I may add a few eyeballs too... the jelly ones OBVS. I have also heard a lot of great things about this Funkin Pro Citric Syrup, which is said to taste like sherbet - OH YES, come at me! I love a bit of sherbet - totes takes me back to the 90s. I think I will mix this with a bit of Mali-boo (or flavoured vodka as suggested) and lemonade. I may sprinkle a little extra sherbet in which got delivered in the tiniest little plastic pumpkin - super cute! As a brand, Funkin Cocktails is pretty awesome because the cocktail creations are unlimited; there are so many different mixers on offer and a vast majority of syrups and fruit purees, as well as made-up seasonal party packs and a plethora of recipes - ideal for any occasion really.

Funkin Cocktails Party Pack Halloween
My Halloween pack also included a number of extra spoooookey treats to get me in the Halloween spirit. I am absolutely in love with the phonecase from another one of my favourite brands, Skinnydip London. The team did spookily well at tailoring this for me because I am definitely bat shit cray! The pumpkin socks are coming with me to the house party (well a Halloween soiree at my friends because it would be wrong to drink alone aha) firmly remaining on my feet, and I will enjoy wearing the deep, dark black lipstick from Barry M. Thanks Funkin, I cannot wait to get this party started. 

'Say Boo and Scary On' 

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