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Fashion posts, for me, seem to be far and few between these days. Sometimes I get so consumed in beauty that on occasion I will have a 'hey, I actually do love fashion' moment and will automatically find myself musing the isles of every high-street chain. I haven't posted an outfit of the day in months, which I do kind of miss, but I find those posts the trickiest to do at the moment without a) a tri-pod or b) a helping hand/photographer. I had a think about how I could inject a little bit of my style back into the blog and decided that I would try my hand at a flat lay post... try being the operative word. I love my 50mm lens, I really do, however sometimes it does make things a wee bit tricky - I especially discovered this while trying to shoot this post. I get so much more excited about fashion in the autumn and winter seasons; I love being cosy, wrapping up and buying all the jumpers - I have always been that way. This season my colours of choice have to be emerald green and burgundy, in which I have stumbled across two items that are becoming staples for me this season already. The emerald green skirt was a Zara find - an ultimate bargain which taps into the buttoned down, suede effect skirt trend in a rather cliche, but perfect way. This watch from US wooden watch brand JORD blends seamlessly into every one of my outfit choices, and looks particularly chic with the green. Burgundy is a shade I will always associate with the cooler months, and one that will always be core to my wardrobe. Something caught my eye with this watch though, the wood is a slightly different touch that works wonders at completing an ensemble...

JORD Cora Purpleheart & Pearl
When first introduced to JORD, I was indecisive on whether I could pull off a wooden watch, purely because I had never really seen anyone wear one. I wasn't sure how well I would pull it off, or how I would style it. Deciding which watch to go for was a difficult decision as JORD offers a diverse range of watch styles. I was instantly drawn to the JORD Cora Purpleheart & Pearl*, firstly because of the gorgeous burgundy colour, and secondly for the name - I adore purple (no shit!) and I love pearls, so I was instantly sold. JORD's wooden watches are crafted so intricately and beautifully, and each style in the collection is completely classic and timeless; something that will support all our sartorial choices during life. It was also important for me to choose a watch with silver accents, as gold doesn't complement my skin tone all that well. The rich colour and soft grained pattern set against the silver is probably one of the best combinations for autumn, and I have been having great fun styling with it. I feel totally grown up when I wear this, as well as confidently sophisticated.

JORD wooden watches
What I also like about this design is that although bulky, it is extremely lightweight, so much so that I forget I am wearing it. I also really like that every watch is slightly unique and made from 100% sustainably sourced wood, resulting in every cut being slightly different in terms of markings. I have been complimented nearly every time I have worn this, and I am so happy that it's now part of my collection. This timeless piece will work its way into my outfits year-in year-out that's for sure. 

Zara Green Buttoned Down Skirt

What do you think of these cool watches from JORD? can you see yourself styling one? How would you wear it? I completed my look with my new brown heeled chelsea boots from Primark (yes, really!), a high neck black top from New Look, and some pearls. To complement the colour of my watch, I opted for a burgundy nail varnish and purple lip gloss. I'm now feeling particularly autumnal.

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