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I'm not usually one for DIY; I like the idea of it, I just find it too time consuming and, well, just a bit of a faff. That's not to say I don't enjoy it though, so when I was tasked with creating my own selection of homemade beauty products - with assistance from Mira Showers and Midas Touch Crafts, I thought I would delve right in. I was especially interested in the work of Midas Touch Crafts, whom my hamper was created by, because they run craft workshops and parties in London with all proceeds donated to Cancer Research. They specialise in anything from candle and soap making, to flower arranging, chocolate making, baking and textiles...

DIY make your own beauty products
In my hamper came an array of ingredients likely to be found in your kitchen cupboards; those that are easily accessible and completely natural to use. Midas Touch Crafts had provided: cocoa powder, honey, lemon, soya wax, cinnamon, vitamin E tablets, ginger tablet, corn flour, vanilla and fudge essential oil, brown sugar, oats and coconut oil, as well as a lip balm pot and a pipette. I was tasked with making four products from the recipes provided, as well as my own creation using only products I had in the house, along with a little bit of tap water. First up from my recipes was a face scrub, made of only oats, honey, a dash of lemon and a sprinkle of cinnamon...

Midas Touch Crafts Homemade Beauty Products
This was pretty much good enough to eat; it was basically like smearing flapjack all over my face, but it did work well at slogging away at my dry skin. I did find the oats falling off my face a little, but a bit of perseverance was all that was needed. Super simple to make, and cheap too!

DIY Face Mask
Next, I thought I would give my lips a good scrub, whereby I combined brown sugar, cocoa powder and cinnamon with a little coconut oil and honey. Again, I was positively licking this off my lips - it kind of reminded me of the LUSH varieties. 

DIY Lip Scrub
To create the facial moisturiser, I squeezed a vitamin E tablet into the coconut oil and added a few drops of the vanilla and fudge essential oil (which smelt like a desert, YUM!). There was the option to add in cocoa powder to turn it into a natural face tanner, or corn flower to thicken it into a body butter, both of which I decided against doing. 

DIY Face Moisturiser
Making the lip balm was probably the thing that most felt like a chemistry lesson, which was fun! I put soya wax into the microwave until it fully melted, and then poured into the pink lid lip balm pot in my hamper. This got extremely messy as I accidentally over-poured the pot and had to stir in a little cocoa powder for flavour, as well as a vitamin E tablet. I then put in the fridge to set, and gave it a test. I don't think I dispersed the additional ingredients very well as the cocoa powder all went to the bottom, and the wax didn't melt in my fingers very well, which I am guessing is down to the vitamin E not being mixed in very well. Despite all of this, it's extremely handy to have on my dresser. I don't think it will replace any of my shop-bought favourites though...sadly.

DIY Lip Balm
Now, for my own creation, I decided to go with something for my thirsty hair. I didn't have much in my cupboards so opted for a banana smoothie hair mask, which I've heard is therapy for dry hair (lots of vitamins and protein). I mashed up a banana and mixed with a little milk, water and olive oil. Super moisturising ingredients to make hair silky, soft and shiny, and not as unpleasant as putting eggs on your head.

Banana Smoothie Face Mask DIY
Overall, I had lots of fun stepping up to this challenge. Natural beauty products are a great, and affordable, alternative to branded products. The only slightly annoying this is that they obviously don't last as long, so I didn't get to use them all up before they went mouldy. I will also be looking into Midas Touch Crafts a lot more as it's such a great idea for a wonderful cause that I continue to support. What are you top recipes for making natural products at home?

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