Hello Autumn: Fashion Lust List

Oh Autumn, how I love thee; 'tis the season to make me want to embark on a shopping spree. Grey, navy, black and oxblood is my palette of choice, so I think it's time to drop ten notes, jump, skip and rejoice. Don't worry, I am not going to give up my day job just yet for the art of poetry, I like to think I am pretty fly, but I know, deep down, I am far from it; pretty rubbish actually. That poetry competition I won as a kid has clearly gone to my head. AUTUMN, though. Let's just all think for a moment and reminisce on great Autumn times; crisp leaves, warm fleece throws, hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, scarves, coats, boots and knitted tights - I am just too excited. AW clothing is also my favourite, and I feel it is a season you can really invest in, y'know? Like we only get one week of summer so why would I drop coins on all that jazz, be forced to show off extra skin, when in Autumn you can over indulge and hide it with ten million layers and oversized knitted dresses? Beyond me, I tell ya. I am desperate to go shopping to kit out my new season wardrobe, but I also have a whole suitcase of last year's garments to go through first.... not ideal. I imagine I will find a million things that I forgot I actually owned. Does anyone else pack away past season clothes so that their wardrobe can be purely suited to the current season? (i'd say summer, but y'know we're still waiting). My fashion preferences for Autumn are pretty... monotone, with a hint of navy and oxblood thrown in for good measure. I think I spread my wings too wide in terms of being bright during Spring/Summer, so I revert back to a boring, yet highly sophisticated (am I right?) colour palette by the time Autumn comes around. The below are just a few of my picks...

autumn fashion wish list


I invest in a new coat and new pair of boots each year, and I find it fascinating how my style alters slightly each time. Last year I opted for a boxy boyfriend coat, which in hindsight didn't flatter my shape one bit. Since losing a wee bit of weight, I have really been drawn to garments that emphasise my shape, whereby the best bit is probably my waist. This season I really want a coat that doesn't make me look like a sack of potatoes, so have really been loving all the wrap around styles. The first coat in this wish list (no.1 Topshop Boutique) is absolutely divine, but slightly out of my coat budget. It's kind of the style I really want though so will be on the hunt for something similar but slightly more purse friendly. The other coat seen here is very similar, but it's from Primark (I think around £30), I am just not as keen on the material. I think I will need to try it on. These Boots, like many other Boots I own are from ASOS. I find their footwear offering is always on point, year in year out. I am also in need of a new AW handbag, but want to stray slightly from the usual classic black bag that I nearly always buy. This dusky grey one is real leather and from New Look; it's rather chic. 

Basically this season, I am going to be living in black, grey and navy. Ultimately I need this navy suede button down (currently everywhere right now) skirt, which is also from New Look. I love the tan/camel coloured ones, but that is not a colour that suits me, so I feel navy is a little different, but I still get the desired effect. 

What key pieces are you looking to find this season?

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