Getting Lippy: Forever Living Flawless Sonya Delicious Lipstick in Guava

Forever Living is a totally new brand to me, and it wasn't until my friend started distributing their products, that I really became aware of it. I believe the brand works similarly to Avon, whereby a number of individuals/ambassadors set up their own businesses distributing Forever Living products. The basis of the brand is to harness the benefits of natural aloe vera, promoting the health, beauty and wellbeing of nature. The brand, I believe, primarily specialises in natural skincare, however has a number of cosmetic and other beauty products on offer, one of which my friend sent me to try. As an avid lipstick lover, the make-up side of the brand peaks more of an interest, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Forever Living Flawless Sonya Delicious Lipstick (£17.30)*

A photo of Forever Living Products

This is rather shallow and ignorant of me to say, however the reason I rarely gravitate towards natural-orientated products is solely down to the packaging. One of my best friends uses nothing but natural and organic products, and she actually agrees with me on my packaging qualms. This being said, Forever Living hasn't done a bad job. The look of the product is simple and chic, however I must confess the fact that it probably wouldn't stand out to me as a higher end product, which considering this costs more than a MAC lipstick, irks me a little. But let's say that the 'don't judge a book by its cover' philosophy is very apt in this case, because the formula is lovely. I also must confess that I am not that clued up on the whole natural beauty sector, so couldn't really advise how natural this brand is (I know my friend is incredibly anal in working out how 'green' a brand really is so I wouldn't want to get in trouble with her haha). 

I have the Forever Living Flawless Sonya Delicious Lipstick in the shade Guava (swatched below), which is a lovely nude-toned pink; a slightly more saturated shade of my own lips. The lipstick provides a moisturising veil of colour, with a formula that is subtly scented with vanilla, which is one of my favourites for a lip product.

Because it's so creamy, the staying power isn't mind blowing, but for something that almost acts like a balm to nourish my lips, as well as provide a beautiful wash of colour, I'm rather forgiving of that fact. Because it's such a 'your lips but better' shade, it's super easy to reapply without much effort.

Over all I am happy with this lipstick and can see it becoming a regular staple for every day wear. I have a few samples of Forever Living skincare to use too, which I am excited for. I do love brands that strip back to one or a couple of key ingredients, and I know how good for the skin aloe vera is. I am especially looking forward to trying the Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly, which is said to be just like applying the pure, potent gel directly from the leaf; as well as the Forever Bright Sparkling Aloe Vera Toothgel. If you're interested in purchasing anything, the brand has a direct website, or you can e-mail my friend here.

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