Pure indulgence: Burberry Beauty AW15

Sometimes in life, it's the smaller things that provide us with the indulgence and luxury we spend our days dreaming about. When the Burberry Beauty AW15 Collection* landed on our desk at work, a sense of happiness and sheer excitement overcame me. I am privileged to be introduced to new products on a daily basis, so I have developed a knack for noticing when something is really special. I've never really been overcome with excitement over Burberry's fashion line before, so I didn't really understand the feelings I felt when I saw the make-up. Maybe it was because it was entirely new to me, a brand I had never tried because it wasn't that accessible to me - all I know is that everything looks so luxurious and utterly alluring. My editor and I shared the collection between us, and these were the few bits that stood out to me, and what I wanted to share with you. I am dying to try the Burberry foundation, however the shade we received wasn't a match for my porcelain complexion. Nevertheless, I feel very grateful to have the below beauties in my clutches, and have really enjoyed experimenting with them.

A picture of Burberry Beauty aw15 collection

The Burberry No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base (£34) is one of my favourites because I am all for the dewy, highlighted base. As well as using this as a primer, I also like to mix it in a little with my foundation, or over the top for a more prominent highlight. It helps create a radiant finish and has a really lovely sheen, gliding onto the skin with ease and hydrating instantly. The product also contains a blend of mirror-flat intense reflection pearls to help blur minor imperfections. However, the hero product for me in this trio is the Burberry Kisses Gloss (£21), which is unusual because I am ordinarily one to avoid lip glosses at all cost. The Burberry Kisses Gloss has definitely changed my stance on the formula entirely. It's not at all sticky, which is one of the main reasons I avoided gloss for so long, and it actually lasts a good while without wearing off. The formula is also incredibly moisturising with a subtle veil of colour. The shade I have is Nude Pink, which has a hint of glitter running through it; ideal for day wear and the foolproof overlay to a good lip pencil. I've been wearing it a lot with MAC's Edge on Edge liner. It's a lovely combo.

The Burberry Lipsticks are proving not only great to wear, but great to play with. I love the novelty of the magnetic closure and can sit for a long time just popping it up and clicking it down. I have previously tried the miniature Burberry Kisses lipstick when the brand was running the launch campaign, but those lipsticks are a slightly different formula to the Burberry Lip Velvet (£22.50) in this collection. I have the shade Ox Blood, which I must confess I haven't actually worn yet. I am saving it for Autumn as it's definitely in that shade category (well, what do you expect from an AW15 collection, I suppose). I have swatched it though, and it very much seems like the matte formula is very long lasting due to leaving a stain on my hand, it also feels quite hydrating, but only time will tell.

Have you ever tried anything from the Burberry Make-up line? Please do recommend me products if so!