Beauty on the go: CitySwish Deep Tissue Massage

On-demand beauty services are revolutionising the way city dwellers approach beauty regimes. Beauty treatments, in recent times, have become just as much as a staple in our routines as wearing mascara, and we are welcomed with a plethora of options that promise to fit around our rather busy city lives. The latest innovation is CitySwish, a mobile-orientated app that brings an array of beauty therapists and treatments straight to your door - all the brand needs to know is where, when and what. You can enjoy all that is on offer from the comfort of your own home or office with an easy bookable system via your mobile device. The app is all about convenience and optimised wellbeing, offering a number of treatments spanning hair, beauty (nails, waxing, tanning) and massage.

CitySwish review
It was early evening on a Friday, the week had been tiring, stressful and draining. I was in dire need of some 'me time'; a relaxing evening before the mad rush of the weekend ahead. As someone who gets slightly anxious over any ol' thing, I found myself nervously sat on my sofa thirty minutes prior to my appointment, feeling exactly how I had felt when in the waiting room of my doctor's surgery. This was a little bizarre as ultimately I was embarking on an experience far from that of the doctors, but nevertheless it did feel a little strange to me - It's the fear of the unknown. Half an hour later, a knock at the door. I jumped off the sofa, amidst my housemates, who were convinced I was about to commence an evening being entertained by a male prostitute, and headed to the front door. A tall guy, a very tall guy, greeted me as I stood there in my comfiest slacks and baggiest jumper and stepped in carrying a massage table. My first thought? Where the hell was this going to fit in my room? I hadn't thought this through very well, and I certainly didn't prepare myself for a guy masseur. Heart pounding, we headed up to my room, which typically is on the third floor and up two flights of narrow stairs… a little awkward.

a photo of the CitySwish app

We had a little chat, sharing small pleasantries, and worked out how the table was going to fit. After a few nervous laughs and logical thoughts, we managed to get the bed up and him in a position that would work. I was asked what music I would like and settled for the sounds of the ocean; waves crashing and easy mind transportation to a deserted island. I had one hour of sheer bliss in the shape of a CitySwish Deep Tissue Massage (£70)*. Thankfully I had an en-suite where he could wait while I changed and I slipped onto the bed, ready to be de-knotted and de-stressed, getting rid of all those nasty toxins that were inhabiting my body. I opted for a back, neck and shoulder massage, which is where I always need treatment, so tend to stick to more of the same. Despite the lack of space, which I really felt bad for not communicating prior, my treatment was amazing and I felt so much more relaxed and ironed out afterwards. The ultimate in tension release, the CitySwish deep tissue massage works layer by layer through connective tissue to release fascial adhesions and chronic muscle conracture: basically, just what the doctor ordered. Mobile beauty treatments are a fantastic idea, and I would definitely use again. It doesn't quite have the same feeling as going to a salon or spa, but it is far more convenient.


  1. Ahhhh I laughed so much reading this, I can imagine how awkward! Sounds dreamy though, I want a massage! x

  2. I would feel so awkward in that situation! But then again the service sounds amazing!! You should write a novel. I couldn't stop reading your post by the way..

    Also, I'm new to blogging and I was wondering if you can possibly give me any pointers and a follow.