Neal's Yard Wimbledon Treatment Experience

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely team at Neal's Yard Remedies invited me to their newly renovated treatment rooms at their Wimbledon store to indulge in a luxurious treatment. This could not have come at a more appropriate time; I had been feeling incredibly stressed, had just recovered from strained muscles, and was generally in desperate need of some TLC. I opted for a back, neck and shoulder massage as I don't have the luxury of treating myself to massages very often, and since finding out I have lumbar spine scoliosis, I realised it is something that I should embark on regularly. Consequently - even after living in Wimbledon for a whole year - I hadn't ever been to Wimbledon Village, which is where NYR is located, so it was great to check out my local store...

Neal's Yard Wimbledon Treatments

As I arrived at the store I was greeted by a few lovely staff members and was introduced to my therapist, before heading into the relaxing environment of the treatment room. The room was dimly lit and an aroma of essential oils from a mist diffuser instantly awakened my senses. I was asked a number of questions regarding my general state of wellbeing and about all the issues I had with my body. I mentioned my scoliosis and lack of flexibility and satisfactory posture (which were both confirmed to be absolutely terrible) and was then diagnosed with a suitable treatment. It was then I found out my therapist specialised in sports massage, thus what I ended up agreeing to. I knew in that moment I was giving up an hour of bliss and relaxation for an hour of firm prods and induced tenderness, but I never expected to endure as much pain as I did. This, of course, was nothing but a positive thing and I pushed for my therapist to be as hard on me as my body needed. The pain was justified as necessary.

I learnt a lot in my session: how certain muscles of mine weren't working properly, and how to improve my posture and flexibility to ensure the pain from my back was relieved as much as possible. I was recommended pilates, which, if I am totally honest, was nothing that I didn't already know from previous physiotherapy sessions (I gave up trying to do it because I couldn't get to grips with it). My therapist really went to work on me and went out of her way to really help me out, not just with my body, but my lifestyle too. It really was an overall experience, and I felt really privileged to be exposed to that.

During my treatment I was rolled around, bent in a number of very un-ladylike positions and taught how to work on my pelvic muscles, as well as de-knotted and generally just put back together. I was a broken doll when I walked into Neal's Yard, and although I left feeling slightly more pulled and stretched, a few days later I felt so much more mobile and flexible without my usual aches and pains. I couldn't recommend Neal's Yard more for treatments, as before this, I would have never even thought about NYR for a massage, however now I definitely wish to return.

As I left, there was a little gift waiting for me from the press team, which I thought was really sweet - a bonus touch that really made me feel like a princess.

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  1. Gosh this sounds like perfection and exactly what I need haha!