Hair of the Unicorn: Dirty Looks HK Hair Extensions

Unicorn hair. OK maybe a slight exaggeration, but that's what I like to think my hair looks like. I guess it's missing a few extra shades, but nevertheless, when I was offered the chance to elongate my tresses with a company called Dirty Looks, I jumped at the chance. I was initially concerned over what hair extensions to go for as this was a totally new realm of beauty for me, and my hair shade was far from natural. With a little help and advice from the (must I say, amazing) Dirty Looks team, I opted for the HK (Head Kandy) 16-18" Full Head Hair Extensions (£69.99)* in Oh My Gwen Stefani (90s blonde) - this is the lightest blonde shade the brand offers, which meant I could be let loose on them with my own shade of purple dye.

A picture of Dirty Looks HK Full Head Hair Extensions

This wasn't as easy as I first thought it would be. My friend and I spent the afternoon dying my extensions to try and match my shade of purple, but the hair just ate the dye up so quickly that I had to do them in two stages; meaning that I got slightly different tones. Of course, being me, the hair extensions didn't really match my hair correctly. As the extensions were blonde, the dye obviously took a lot better to them than my faded bluey/lilac hue, but I thought I could attempt the multi-tonal, ombre look. I got to wear these extensions once before my hair started to fade, consequently making the extensions look rather silly, so I had to wait for more dye and repeat the process - hence why this has taken me around a month to do. I think this time round my hair is slightly more pink, making it a better match with the hair extensions - still not perfect though.

My hair has been in a pretty sorry state for a long while, and I had to have a lot chopped off to encourage it to not be so brittle and split, so I just wanted my extensions to make my hair the length it was, although I now kind of wish I had gotten the slightly longer ones (but I am not sure if they would have suited me anyhow..). The hair extensions themselves are amazing quality and despite eating the dye, coloured really well. Before you open them there is a little 'try me' pouch where you can make sure you're happy with them, their length/colour etc, before opening the full set. If you're not happy with the tester piece, you can return them!

Head Kandy Hair Exensions 16-18" Review

As a hair extension newb, I found it quite hard to put the set in - despite having a little numbered guide to match the numbered hair pieces. I think this is because my hair is now quite thin, which means the clips are harder to cover.. I am sure it's all a matter of practice though. I love that you can do everything you would do with your own hair with the extensions: I find curling them or waving them makes them appear more natural… my hair is too blunt to wear them straight. If I were to, I would get a hairdresser to razor them in.

A picture of purple dyed HK Hair Extensions 16-18"

Do you think they look OK on me? I know the colour isn't great, but hopefully we will get there.

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