Thirsty Skin: Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar

My skin drinks up hydrators like there is no tomorrow, due to being incredibly de-hydrated. In part, that is because I am usually de-hydrated, which I am constantly trying to rectify, but unless it's gin, I really struggle to drink - who else is with me? I have probably tried as many moisturisers as I have chocolate bar varieties, and that's a lot. I have recently come to realise - with many snippets of advice from different skincare specialists - that I could be suffering with an allergy or food intolerance since my dry skin is mainly around my nose and under my eyes. This could literally be any ingredient across my diverse collection of skincare and make-up, so I am not really sure what I am meant to do. I have been advised to proceed with a strict skincare detox, whereby I only use coconut oil and other 100% raw ingredients - this could be done in terms of skincare, but since I am not capable of going make-up free - and many of the ingredients also show up in my make-up - I am at a bit of a loose end. Anyhow, in a bid to maintain my skin's moisture content as much as I possibly can without sacrificing my current products, I have turned to the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar (£35.50)*.

a picture of Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar

I have quite literally fallen in love with this moisturiser, which is to no surprise as I am already a fan of Philosophy's distinctive and fun bubble bath products (I mean, Margarita bubble bath & shower gel, who wouldn't?). The product looks quite substantial in texture, but is in-fact incredibly lightweight and of a whipped cream-like texture. My skin feels so smooth and supple after applying this, and a few dabs goes a long way. Due to being non-greasy, I also find it a rather lovely base for make-up, which also gives a gorgeous dewy glow to my foundation (due to the three types of illuminators in the formula) . In technical terms, the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar is a more enhanced version of the original (which I hadn't actually tried), and contains three forms of alpha-hydroxy acids - glycolic, citric and mandolin - to gently exfoliate the skin's service, while minimising fine lines and pores.

a picture of Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar contents

Granted, this is a great anti-ageing product, which isn't really a necessary thing for me, but I really do believe this product is great for all skin-types of all ages (it can't hurt to start early on the anti-agers can it?). The only thing that's disappointing me is that it is going to make quite a big dent in the bank balance when it's time to repurchase. There is also an accompanying eye cream, which I am sure is worth the try. Have you tried this or any other Philosophy products?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the original one, so I think I need to add this to the skincare shelf... Ah, why doesn't money grow on trees? ; )

    - Elodie x