NEW IN: Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

When I attended the Push PR beauty press day a month or so ago, I was told that Zoeva was launching a new palette. Since that moment, I couldn't get it out of my head. After a month of anticipating, the sneak previews starting pouring in, and it was then that I knew I needed the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette (£15). Now, I still class myself as an eyeshadow newb, so am yet to buy any ridiculously expensive shadows, despite my wish list being longer than my arm. I had heard so many great things about Zoeva, and had only previously used the brushes, but after swatching some of the palettes at the aforementioned press day, I was persuaded to take the plunge and order.

A photo of Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

The Cocoa Blend palette reminds me a lot of the Zoeva Rose Golden palette, which had also been on my wish list, however after reading many reviews, I opted for this one - and I am so happy I did. Next month, I am finally going to order the Zoeva Mixed Metals palette too, as I have been saying to myself I would buy that one for such a long time. The Cocoa Blend is full of gorgeous bronze, gold, brown and copper shades, the ideal colours to compliment blue eyes and something that is very much reminiscent of a decadent chocolate bar! The shadows are incredibly pigmented and buttery, and just really lovely to apply and blend. Each colour harmonises well with another, and it really does offer a plethora of wearable looks across both matte and shimmery formulas.

Just look at its beauty. Mouthwatering greatness? I believe so. My favourite shades to mix are Sweeter End (second), Warm Notes (third), Pure Ganache (sixth) and Freshly Toasted (eighth). Bitter Start (first) also works really well as a brow bone highlight.

The above swatches from left to right include: Bitter Start, Sweeter End, Warm Notes, Subtle Blend and Beans are White; while the bottom line, from left to right, showcases: Pure Ganache, Substitute for Love, Freshly Toasted, Infusion and Delicate Acidity.

I am so incredibly impressed with Zoeva that I am now on a mission to increase my collection: I need more. For quality like this, I am so surprised they don't pull harder on the purse strings, they're so affordable for what you get - I am in love. Do you have a favourite palate from Zoeva, what would you recommend?


  1. This looks gorgeous! I love when palettes have a good mix of matte and shimmery colors and this ones looks like it does!

    - Elodie x

  2. Stunning palette, love your pictures by the way, very creative! If I hadn't just picked up the Too Faced Chocolate palette I would be all over this one :)
    xxx Claire

    1. Thank you lovely! I am dying to try that one too :)

  3. How beautiful! I've been wanting to try the Rose Golden palette, too. And their rose gold brushes!x

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!