Lazy Oaf, for me, is the epitome of a fun spring/summer season. My summer and winter styles are completely different and usually I am not one for summer fashion, but Lazy Oaf changes that for me. I love colour and print in the warmer months, but I also love to be casual and comfy, in which the majority of garments from the brand provide. The only downside is that it's a little bit pricy for me, but I think as pay day dawns, I will treat myself to a staple Lazy Oaf dress. A couple of years ago I bought one which was a tie-dye print with fruit 3D buttons, does anyone remember? I have literally worn it so much that it is now thread bare. I am going to try get my friend to fix it up for me, but I definitely would like a new Lazy Oaf creation to take its place.

lazy oaf wish list
I have been loving the Pom Pom Dress, but since being featured by Zoella, I think has sold out - absolutely gutting. Despite this, the Cloudy Dress has pretty much made its way to the top of the lust list. I'm also really going against all I have said previously by putting the JuJu x Lazy Oaf Jellies on here, but I've really started to like the thought of wearing jelly shoes, especially these beauties. I know, I know, what's happened to me? I was such a jelly shoe hater, which came as a surprise to many. I am also really pulled in by the funky prints on the T-shirts, shells covering my boobie area? why not?!

I think it's safe to say that this year, again, I have been hit by the in-house cupid of Lazy Oaf and the arrow isn't budging any time soon...


  1. The moon dress and chocolate bar tee are far too cool! Completely in love! x