a photo of hylamide subq anti-age serumsHylamide is new duo (currently!) of wonder products from DECIEM (creators of FOUNTAIN, Hand Chemistry, Grow Gorgeous etc) which when I first wrote about on DIARY, got me very excited. I am no expert in skincare, as much as I'd like to be the next Caroline Hirons (that gal knows EVERYTHING), it's not going to happen any time soon. This doesn't mean, however, that I can't pass on my ravings of skincare, because I enjoy it. I am one of those people that buys into the hype of skincare, especially if it promises to brighten, tighten and keep wrinkles and ageing at bay - yes I am only 23 but you've got to start early, right? Plus I have more wrinkles around my eyes than some 40+ ladies.

Hylamide currently offers its SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum and SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum, with more boosters launching in July. These serums get me very excited as they say they deliver relevant, next-generation actives to every layer of the skin. Now, I must say that the eye serum is my favourite out of the two because that's where I see an instant difference, yes instant. The eye serum very much reminds me of the texture (and colour) of Infacol - y'know the thing for babies that prevents colic? I only wish it had the scent.. anyway it's pretty damn great. The serum infuses a wide array of peptides, plant saccharides and active technologies to target multiple aspects of under-eye ageing, but it instantly tightens and almost blurs dark circles so they're not so harsh in colour. I am really noticing a difference in the vivid shade of purple bags I am accustomed too, and also in hydration. I suffer from very dry under eye skin sometimes and this seems to greatly improve my patches overnight.

The facial serum is said to provide both surface and below surface hydration and targets fine lines, wrinkles, dynamic lines, sagginess and textural irregularities. Luckily, I don't suffer yet from sagginess and lines, but I have noticed that the serum smoothes my skin and it appears a lot tighter and brighter. Sometimes I find this stings a little if I don't let it sink completely into my skin before applying a moisturiser, but other than that it's now a staple.

Hylamide is focused on controlled-depth of penetration to target multiple skin depths and functions in single treatment regiments, encapsulating actives in varying molecular sizes so they actually reach where they need to, which isn't always the case in many other lotions and potions I smother on my face. It's a real skincare innovation and I will always highly support and recommend DECIEM products. It's the skincare brand that gets everyone excited.

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