May Beauty: The Incredible Face Mask

As a girl with tattoos, I thought my pain threshold was pretty up there on a tolerable level, until I was introduced to peel off face masks. When the opportunity arose to try the new May Beauty Incredible Face Mask* I was super eager to give it a go, well who wouldn't want to fully immerse themselves in a treatment that promised the removal of blackheads, oil and dead skin cells, while targeting the prevention of acne? I sure didn't want to bypass the chance.

a photo of The Incredible Face Mask by May Beauty 
The May Beauty Incredible Face Mask, at first, reminded me of demon blood. Any fellow Supernatural fans out there will understand where I'm coming from when I say that. It resembles an oozy, black and thick substance which is essentially the deep sea mud. As you can see from the photo further down, I looked more demonic than therapeutically relaxed. Anyway, despite my initial reservations, I slathered it all over my face - making sure I kept it well away from my - just threaded - eyebrows (it warns that it can cause hair removal on these areas). What I didn't really think about was the fact that I actually have quite a hairy face, albeit with white hairs, but hair nonetheless. 

What I did love about the starter kit I received was that the five little mask packs came with a handy little brush to apply it with - so much easier than fingers. You then allow for it to dry for around 30-45 minutes, before the fun (OK, not so fun) bit: peel off! I actually did this while on Perisciope (follow me on there if you would like more life musings, @_lamble), and then cried from the pain (which I was informed was normal). It's kind of like waxing, or pulling of a plaster - the quicker you do it the less painful it is. I was a bit of a wimp and tried pulling it off slowly, which subsequently made my eyes stream like crazy. Yes, I cried LIVE on periscope and I will be the first to admit that I looked far from a beauty queen and more like an ape. 

May Beauty Mud Mask review

It took me a while to remove, but I must say, my skin felt incredibly smooth and clean instantly afterwards. I didn't really see much come off though, a few bits of skin but I guess that's because I don't really suffer from an oily, sebum-prone complexion. The smoothness lasted a good while after, and made skincare and make-up products apply so much better, but I am still undecided on whether I will be doing it again. It does say that after continuous use you will see pores become smaller, so I may pluck up the courage to give it another go at some stage, who knows?

May Beauty Mask Results
Have any of you done anything like this for the sake of vanity? For any of you wishing to give it a go (it's worked so well for so many other people, maybe those with oilier skin types), you can get the starter kit for £13.30 after using my 30% discount code here.


  1. Ouch that sounds painful… I mean don't get me wrong I want smooth skin and smaller pores but I wonder if I could actually brave this mask x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Just saw your comment, how funny that we were exactly the same! I'm glad we both experienced some positive sides too though! x