MAC Violetta Lipstick

Since losing my beloved MAC Heroine, I've been dying to replace it. I just have this thing about buying the same thing twice, like when I have money to buy make-up I want something new. I will replace it in the Autumn I think, however for now I am going to be wearing this baby, as it's very similar. MAC Violetta (£15.50) has been on my wish list for a long time: oh purple lipsticks how I love thee.
a photo of MAC Violetta purple lipstick
Violetta is more of a blue-toned purple in comparison to Heroine, however I do find it slightly pinky in colour. Either way, I find that it really compliments my pale skin and blue eyes, and is the perfect purple hue for spring/summer. I love the amplified formulas, which this one is, as they're creamy and easy to apply, yet last for a good while. Violetta slightly stains my lips after wearing off, but doesn't go all bitty and patchy like some lipsticks do, and I like the subtle sheen of colour while you're waiting for an opportunity to touch up. Violetta has definitely become one of my top five MAC lipsticks...

I do only have a modest MAC collection though, so what are your favourite shades that you would recommend for me to buy?


  1. Very nice colour =]

  2. That's a beautiful colour, not sure how brave I would be wearing this but I'd definitely like to try it out x

    Beauty with charm

  3. I really want Violetta but my favourite MAC lipstick in Up The Amp
    : ]

  4. That looks so nice! I'm more of a pink girl myself, but that's mainly because purples make me look terrible! Guess not everyone is blessed with pale skin and blue eyes. ; )

    - Elodie x