End of Month Reflection: April

Ok, so slap my wrist because I missed my March reflection, which has really irritated me - I'm such a flake. I'm one of those gals who likes consistency and now I have gone and messed it up. Oh well, let's not dwell on my lack of recent motivation to write. March was pretty shitty anyway, which is probably why I couldn't string an interesting sentence together. Let's say you got off lightly.

Now April has been and gone, what's new? Well I turned 23, that's a good place to start. Considering the misery I faced in the year I turned 22, it was a sure bet that this year was going to be better, I mean it was a no brainer really, all odds were in favour. I had the loveliest birthday and got to spend time with so many of my nearest and dearest, and was severely spoilt by them all, which I am incredibly grateful for. I also attended some fab press events in April too, which always brings joy to my job - I love meeting my favourite press people and bloggers alike, we always have so much fun, and I get to meet so many new, inspiring individuals too, which is always a pleasure.

April got marginally better in its last week, in terms of my housing situation. It really is true when they say 'just when you're about to give up, a miracle happens'. I was mentally preparing myself for moving back home to my parents (yet again) and had given up all hope of finding the perfect home. It was rejection after rejection, and no one wanted to live with me. Plus, finding a room in London with nice people that I wasn't going to have to sell myself to pay for (thankfully, because I wouldn't get much!) is as easy as an animal escaping the zoo independently. The demand is high in London and rooms were going like hot cakes, with other homeless souls - obviously less weird than I - getting snapped up before I had the chance to say my name. Despite this, last week I went to visit a place with lovely housemates that actually were happy for me to move in - hoo-bloody-ray! It's not my most ideal location (I am a bit of a zone snob and wanted to move back to zone 2), but it's a familiar area that I know well, and it's only one zone further than my ideal... I can deal with that: well I have no choice now, I suppose. Onwards and upwards with a positive attitude *repeats ten times over*. 

So, as of next Saturday I will be starting a fresh in my new room. It even has an en suite. A small en suite, but an en suite nevertheless. Que the trip to Ikea today to buy pretty bathroom essentials that I probably don't really need... my oh my have I missed buying homeware. Catch you in my next post m'lovelies and I hope you enjoy the long weekend! 

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