April Beauty Favourites

I actually didn't have many favourites in April, I did however buy so many new beauty products at the end of the month which I am already loving, but I don't think they'd qualify as April's favourites, so I know my May favourites post is going to be big. But let's not wish the month away, I do have a few things from April to talk about..

A picture of S&G Solar Powder, Givenchy Color Kajal Violet, Collection Lip Butter, MAC face powder, Richard Ward serum & Make Up Revolution Iconic Pro
Uk Beauty Blogger April Beauty Favourites

001: Richard Ward Anti-Ageing Argan Elixir (£5.99)* - My hair has been super dry lately and just breaking all over the place, so I thought it would be the right time to slather every hair product I own onto my tresses. One being this Argan Elixir from Richard Ward after I ran out of my last argan hair oil. This oil is quite thick but warms up in the hands easily. I like to massage this into my mid-lengths and ends (especially) when towel dried and then a tiny bit after on dry hair to almost fuse the split ends together. It makes me hair really soft and more replenished.

002: Make Up Revolution Iconic Pro Palette (£6.99)* - The regular MUR eyeshadows are amazing, there is no disputing that, however when the brand introduced a more pro palette of shades, I got really excited. The palette is full of matte and shimmers - neutral browns, golds, pinks and a few darker hues of purple, black and grey thrown into the mix, each providing high pigmentation and lasting staying power. Each shadow is buttery and easy to blend, and I was really happy to see that the lighter matte shades also were reasonably pigmented. The palette also comes with an actual double ended brush, rather than those horrid foam applicators.

003: MAC Archie's Girls Veronica Pearlmatte Face Powder - Now this is one I dug out of the archive of my stash. I forgot how much I loved this powder/blush, which is surprising as I didn't stop using it when I bought it. I think I stopped because I was scared of hitting pan, and being a limited edition, I wouldn't be able to repurchase. Now we have sprung into spring, I've decided to start using it again (sorry if that's gross since it's two years old). It's a gorgeous dusky pink shade that is promisingly glowy, with a few pops of darker pink that really add a lovely sheen of fresh colour to the cheeks. This was definitely one of my favourite MAC limited edition collections.

004: Givenchy Color Kajal in Violet (£17)* - I've really been into the whole bottom colour eyeliner thing as of late, and my favourite product to achieve the look with is this little beauty. As a pencil, it is slightly annoying to sharpen (which I need to do), but it's super creamy and easy to apply. I run it along my bottom lash line and love the effect it gives: it makes my blue eyes really pop! You can also use this as an all over lid colour or top eyeliner, it's a multi purpose eye crayon that is literally just a little wonder to own. I have this is blue too, which I may do a look with soon.

005: Collection Lip Butter in Perfect Plum (£2.99) - I received this from my friend for my birthday and it makes sporting a berry/purple lip super easy. It's creamy, quick and easy to apply and doesn't bleed, which is a rarity for berry toned lip products. It's not the most long-lasting due to it being really moisturising, but since it's so quick to apply, I don't mind topping it up.

006: Soap & Glory Solar Powder (£11) - OK, I caved. This is definitely a 'the blogger made me buy it' scenario. I really find this a great bronzer/highlighter duo for pale skin, it's glowy without being orange and also makes a really nice colour combination for light contouring. One that deserves the hype for sure.


  1. That Givenchy eyeliner looks great! I love putting turquoise or purple liner under my eyes for a discreet pop of colour.

    - Elodie x

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