OOTD: The Primark Spring Jacket

Primark Spring Neon Jacket
Spring Fashion
Luckily for me, Mavs snapped this outfit for me before the Easter weekend rain set in. It was actually quite mild yesterday so I thought it would be the right time to bring out this gorgeous Spring jacket that I snapped up in the Primark sale a few weeks back. I was so excited when I first purchased it, however my family and friends weren't quite as sold. Nevertheless, I love it and that's all that matters - the pop of neon just brightens up a rather plain outfit. These shoes are also a new purchase from ASOS and I am so happy with them as I have wanted a pair for so so long and I think they look really chic - I also like that they show off my tattoo (not that you can see here ha). The only downside is that they are a) suede, which could be tricky if caught in the rain; and b) the back strap is a little loose as you can't tighten them, so it sometimes feels like my foot may slip out. 

I think I have also come to the conclusion that I don't really suit rounded sunglasses, despite how much I love them: thankfully these cost me £2.50 (approx.) I am really enjoying this long bank holiday weekend, I just wish it were sunnier; however I have done some Easter baking (well.. not really baking), which will be shown on the blog tomorrow, while also wandering into Wimbledon and surrounding areas for crepes and shopping - it's been fun. 

I hope you're all enjoying yourself and find yourselves in a chocolate coma tomorrow, I know I will.


  1. The jacket is gorgeous! I really need to go to Primark more often (: xx

  2. You look wonderful Jemma, so gorgeous! You look fab x


  3. you look lovely! those shoes are so cute!!

  4. I can't understand how I managed to escape Easter without any chocolate, but somehow I did. Love the jacket.