Illamasqua To be Alive Collection

I have had this collection for a little while now, and although it's not out until 1 May, I feel late to the party. Illamasqua has gone back to its roots and has brought us a fun, unique and bold collection for summer, Illamasqua To Be Alive*.

Illamasqua To be Alive collection

Now, having purple hair and blue eyes, I didn't think blue would be the colour for me, however something just drew me to these products. There is something exciting about Illamasqua as a brand, and Alex Box is pure genius to cater to those of us that like things just a lil' bit wacky and adventurous. I like how the brand creates products that push boundaries and encourage experimentation, because after all, make-up shouldn't just enhance our features, it should be fun and expressive.

The collection comprises the Spirit palette, which offers four colour-intense eye shadows with cream and powder finishes (swatched above): Cascade (iridescent white), Inspire (royal blue), Refine (matte navy) and Shimmer Cream Eye Shadow in Awaken (iridescent icy blue). I wish I had worn this in the photo but I was going out and had already done my eyeshadow... I am however sporting the new Glamore Lipstick in Vendetta, which is an electric blue lipstick enriched with vitamin E, providing both a long-lasting and hydrating satin finish. I really love this lipstick and for a bright, amplified shade, it wasn't that difficult to apply. This being said, I don't think I quite pull it off; I've seen so many others that wear it better: I almost look a little ill. The collection also includes the above Nail Varnish in the shade Prismatic, which is a lovely two-toned pigment; and a Lipgloss in Iridesce, which I don't actually have.

I think I am going to be able to work with the shadow, but I am not quite convinced with the lipstick, maybe It will look better with grungy eyes... as it definitely doesn't go with the neutrals I was wearing above.

How do you feel about the To Be Alive collection? Would you dare to go blue?

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