Happy Easter: Quick & Easy Easter Nests

Quick & Easy Easter Chocolate Nests
It's become a tradition of mine that every Easter I whip up a tray of chocolate Easter nests, which never seem to last long as they are so flipping scrummy. They are really simple to make, very much like those made with rice crispies or corn flakes, I just feel shredded wheat works best at creating an authentic looking birds nest.

I literally put lots of shredded wheat into a food bag and thought of someone I didn't like, grabbed a spoon and hit the bag until all was crushed into small pieces. I then melted two bars of galaxy chocolate and one bar of dairy milk and mixed away until all the wheat was covered. To decorate I used melted milky bar to drizzle and then topped them with a selection of mini eggs and smarties eggs (so much brighter in colour). I finished them off with a little yellow chick that I found in the pound store and put them in the fridge to cool.

Once chilled you can pretty much display them how you like. My friend and I decided to make a little display with flowers and cute little bunny jewellery stands. I feel these are a cheat way of baking, but you can't beat them can you? What yummy foods do you create at Easter?

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  1. these look delicious, love the extra touch of drizzled white chocolate xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk