Evening Skincare Routine: Liz Earle

Liz Earle Skincare routine
I will always remember my first Liz Earle skincare experience. It was a time where I was making the transition from teenager to young adult (well... debateable) and had a strong urge to up my beauty game and enforce a skincare routine. I banished my face wipes to the back of the bathroom cabinet, took to the blogging community for advice, and made my first Liz Earle purchase. At this precise moment in time, the whole blogging world was going crazy for Cleanse & Polish, and quite rightly so. I haven't looked back since because this particular product deserved the praise it got, and still, to this day, receives.

I recently went to an event to celebrate the new Abigail James treatment rooms (which I am going to have to make a conscious effort to return to) at the Liz Earle London flagship and was lucky enough to expand on my Liz Earle knowledge. I had only really dabbled in the brand prior, albeit continuing to buy C&P, so it was great to delve into the range further. Over the last few weeks, this has been the core skincare regime I have kept coming back to - I was having real issues with hormonal and stress-related breakouts, so decided it was time to get back to basics. I'm not usually one to keep to a routine using only one brand, but Liz Earle is one that offers a number of products that work in tandem, so you don't feel like you're using each for the sake of being harmonious with branding.

This little night routine has worked wonders for me, and I have discovered equally wonderful products that I know I'll keep coming back to. Obviously, the first step is cleansing with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and a muslin cloth (seriously, is anything more satisfying?), followed by a two minute Brightening Treatment Mask*. I won't say that I was overwhelmed using this, but I wasn't underwhelmed either: it was just nice and made my skin a little more refreshed and smoothed out. I follow this by using the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Toning Spritzer*, which - I must say - is my new favourite spritzing product. Holy moly is this stuff refreshing. I love to use this in the mornings too, after micellar cleanser to awaken both me and my skin - I find the scent subtly calming too. Finishing the routine is the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate*, a lovely facial oil that is nothing but moisturising and helps skin appear plump and smooth. The essential oils also conjure up a real feeling of relaxation, which is why I love to apply just before bed. I think these products are going to become staples from here on out.

What are your favourite Liz Earle products?

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