Top 5 Purple Lipsticks (+ a dupe for MAC's Cyber)

001: TOPSHOP STRAIGHT ACE - this is coming up more pink-toned on camera (it's looking similar to MAC Violetta), but when on my lips it's a really vivid purple shade, not too dissimilar from MAC Heroine (which is featured in this post in spirit as I need to replace it - I lost it on a night out, which is brilliant, I know). I absolutely adore Topshop lipsticks and I have built up quite the collection; this one is both creamy and pigmented but does need topping up every once in a while. I tend to use MAC's Naked liner with this to provide a bit more longevity, but I do find this lightens the pigment ever so slightly...  I definitely need to invest in a good vivid purple lip liner, any suggestions?

002: RIMMEL KATE MOSS 04 - a very dark aubergine-toned purple. Kate Moss lipsticks are another I have quite a few of, and this one is great for those vampy winter days. I know some people, who are as pale as I, are afraid to use such a dark shade, however I think it looks chic, especially with minimal eyes. This is also a pretty good dupe for my next favourite (see below).

003: MAC CYBER - this is a satin formula, slightly different to the above Rimmel one which is a slightly creamier matte. I feel this one has a slightly darker tinge of black and definitely drags more on the lips, meaning they need to be super super moisturised otherwise it is hell to apply. I find using a brush helps, and definitely a lip liner. I have a very dark liner from Sleek that matches up well, but isn't the greatest of formulas.

004: TOPSHOP ON THE TOWN -  this is a gorgeous, creamy pink-toned lilac which I reach to when I am wearing minimal make-up, but still want a lil' bit of colour: It's a great switch-up for a nude lipstick. This, due to its creamy formula, needs reapplying quite a lot, but since it's super easy to apply from the bullet, I don't mind so much. It's also worth mentioning, INGLOT do one very similar, however it's slightly darker and more matte.

005: NIZZ COSMETICS PURPLE HAZE* - a brand which seems to be taking the lipstick-loving world by storm recently is Nizz Cosmetics, and I have to stress how great they are. The purple haze lipstick comprises a lustre formula which is really vividly pigmented and long-lasting. What I like about this is that it's a happy medium of creamy and matte, so isn't at all drying. This is literally the same colour as my hair right now, so I love to rock the double purple look and get a lot of compliments when doing so. You can see me wearing it in this post.

These were mentioned in no particular order, but I hope you guys agree with me when I say: Purple really is the new black.

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  1. These are so pretty and I don't own any purple lipsticks but this makes me want too. Lovely picks!

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