Zelens Youth Glow Foundation

Luxury skincare brand Zelens has recently unveiled its first line of make-up and I was lucky enough to go to an intimate group session to learn all about the new range with founder and skincare expert, Dr Marko Lens. The Youth Glow Foundation is just one of many standout products featured, which was created not only to provide a colour pigment, but at the same time effectively trigger cellular processes necessary for skin regeneration and repair. This foundation especially, I feel, really emphasises this statement, due to it feeling so much more like a skin serum than a foundation - it literally glides onto, and sinks into my skin. This foundation provides a smooth, even toned complexion with a glowing light to medium coverage, which I think is definitely buildable. If I am honest, I was really hoping not to like this product because the price tag is way out of my budget, however I can really see why people invest so much into what they put on their skin. Marko is so interesting, I learnt a lot in that session about the science behind some of the beauty industry’s most coveted products, and I wholeheartedly trust what he says. I am trying not to use this as much though, as I want to save it for special occasions; although I find myself reaching for it quite frequently. You know that outfit you always throw on when you want to be comfy, while knowing you still look presentable? Well, this is that for me, but in make-up form. Although there are currently only five shades available, I believe each shade adapts differently to suit each skin type and tone. I have the shade cameo, which I think is either the lightest or second lightest of shades, but it blends seamlessly and provides just the right amount of glow. This foundation suits my younger skin perfectly, living up to its aim of reducing signs of stress and fatigue,  however there is also the Age Control Foundation available, which contains 17 active ingredients to combat the signs of ageing, while offering a medium to full coverage. The blushers are also ones to watch, they’re lovely. Have you seen more of the range?

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